The Party Badge

2.47 The Party Badge

Badge Design

Round with a party hat, presents, a cake and streamers.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly meditating.


Duggee is making a complicated model. Roly and Norrie are playing with the building blocks. Happy has a yoyo. Betty and Tag are playing with the toy cars.


The doorbell rings and it’s the delivery chipmunk with a package for Duggee. The Squirrels examine the parcel and come to the conclusion that it is a present and therefore it must be Duggee’s birthday. They decide the throw Duggee a surprise party.

Happy ponders whether Duggee likes surprises. Roly finds out by shouting in his ear and wondering away. Duggee is used to Roly’s antics and doesn’t react, leading Roly to report that he does like surprises.

They don’t know where to start but Duggee can help, Norrie spots his Party Badge in a picture.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.47 The Party Badge


They run off to ask Duggee but before they get there they remember that they can’t ask Duggee. They will have to do it themselves.

  • Roly looks for the balloons in a barrel, in the toy cupboard and in the teapot before asking Duggee. Duggee tells him they are in the balloon box, then shakes his head when Roly whispers that they are not doing a party. Roly blows up excessive amounts of balloons.
  • Betty and Tag work on the guest list. They will invite Enid, Frog and the chickens. They make lots of beautiful invitations and hand them out.
  • Norrie and Happy are making paper chains. They are disappointed with the results so they ask Duggee who shows them how to do it. They make plenty of decorations.
  • Tag and Betty make the cake out of bread and raisins. Happy and Norrie join them to decorate it with all the things Duggee likes, custard, spaghetti, lettuce and sprinkles.

Everything is ready so they surprise Duggee. Duggee is very surprised by the clubhouse full of balloons, decorations, a sagging cake and guests, especially since it’s not his birthday. The parcel is not a present, but some figures to go into the model of the clubhouse that he has been building. Everyone is having a party inside the model clubhouse and in the real clubhouse. They try the cake. It’s disgusting.


  • Duggee pops our of a present.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Party Badges.

The balloons begin to pop but there is still a pile of them around the credits.

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