The Pizza Badge

2.15 The Pizza Badge

The Pizza Badge shows us some more of the Squirrels’ hidden skills. They speak Italian while serving customers in their restaurant.

Badge Design

A round pizza.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy beatboxing


Norrie and Betty are playing in the sand, Tag is playing with a car, Happy is hopping.


Duggee is making pizza. He throws it about, puts toppings on and puts it in his outdoor pizza oven. The Squirrels don’t like the toppings, so they decide to make their own pizzas. Duggee has his Pizza Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.15 The Pizza Badge


First, make the base, then add sauce, then add toppings. Betty makes a seaside pizza. Happy makes a pea soup puddle pizza. Norrie makes a garden pizza. Roly makes a potato pizza. Tag makes his own face. They cook and eat them.

The animals turn up looking for their own pizzas so the Squirrels quickly set up their own Italian restaurant. They take orders and make the pizzas. In the meantime, Goat eats the orders do they need to match the pizzas to their customers. Horse has an apple pizza. The bees have a honey pizza. The rabbits have a carrot pizza. Naughty Monkey has a banana pizza. Bird has a tiny pizza with seeds on. Zebra ordered a striped liquorice pizza. Katarina has a pinky prawn pizza, Goat has a paper and tablecloth pizza.


  • A live-action homemade pizza with Duggee’s face.
  • Duggee egg timer. 

Close and Credits

Duggee throws up more pizza dough which lands on his head.

Supporting Cast

  • Horse
  • The Rabbits
  • Naughty Monkey
  • Katarina
  • Goat


Duggee wears a white chef’s outfit throughout. The Squirrels wear waiters’ clothes to serve customers and chefs’ clothes to make the pizzas. 

Get Your Pizza Badge

Make a pizza with your favourite toppings.

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