The Playing Badge

2.46 The Playing Badge

Badge Design

Square with 9 neatly-stacked toys.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly watching a Duggee windmill.


Happy is stacking blocks. Tag is spinning the spinning top. Roly has made a pyramid of chess pieces. Betty is writing equations on the blackboard. Norrie is putting beads onto a piece of string. Naughty Monkey peeps through the window.


Naughty monkey runs in and knocks over Roly’s tower, draws on Betty’s blackboard, spins Tags spinning top so fast that it flies off and knocks over Happy’s tower and throws Norrie’s beads out of the jar. Outside he speeds up the chicken’s exercise music, ties Enid up in her ball of wool, jumps on a cow and a sheep, ruins Worm’s newspaper and jumps home.

Back at his tree, Naughty Monkey takes the lift to his stylish apartment. He puts on some chill jazz, has a bath, mixes up a banana smoothie and relaxes in his swing. Then the lift bings and his four cousins run in, admiring his tree house. They run around, bumping into things, jumping on the bed, shaking his lava lamp, twisting the swing, making a banana mess in the kitchen, trying on his clothes and throwing things around. Naughty Monkey needs some help.

Back at the clubhouse, the Squirrels have finished tidying up. Naughty Monkey arrives at the door with his cousins. They run in and immediately start causing chaos. Toys are thrown everywhere as the cousins charge around until Duggee calls for them to stop. They protest that they were only playing.Duggee can help show them how to play, he has his Playing Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.46 The Playing Badge


  • A monkey arrives at the dolls house to have a tea party with Betty, Happy and their teddies. He immediately smashes up the kitchen. They explain that you have to play indoors carefully.
  • Norrie paints with a monkey, explaining that you have to do it calmly.
  • Roly drums with another monkey, telling him unconvincingly that you have to do it quietly.
  • Tag plays with the cars with the final monkey. She has to do it gently.
  • Duggee and Naughty Monkey play a nice game of chess.

They all manage to do careful, calm, quiet and gentle indoor play. To get rid of their energy they should play outdoors:

  • Roly pushes a bed along while Norrie, Betty and three of the cousins jump on it.
  • They play leapfrog.
  • They run on the beach.
  • They play trains.
  • They play with surf boards.
  • They jump ans swing.
  • They play music.


  • Duggee spinning top.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels and the monkeys have all earned their Playing Badges.

The monkeys leave on the bed.

Naughty Monkey continues to run circles around Duggee.

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