The Pottery Badge

1.11 The Pottery Badge

The Pottery Badge is the reason we have a toy unicorn called Ian.

Duggee is in awe of Hatsu in a way we rarely see.

Badge Design

Oval with three pots.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Norrie painting a birdhouse with some bird friends.


The Squirrels are playing peekaboo.


Duggee is making tea in his favourite teacup when Roly jumps out and shouts peekaboo, causing Duggee to throw his favourite cup in the air. It smashes on the ground. Roly tries to fix it but cannot, so Betty suggests they make a new one. Duggee has his pottery badge. 

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 1.11 The Pottery Badge


Pottery is making something out of clay. Duggee shows them how they throw a cup on a potter’s wheel. The Squirrels have a go but find it difficult, making a big mess. Duggee learned the art of pottery from Hatsu, the pottery poodle. Hatsu arrives in a puff of smoke to help them become at one with the wheel. When they have finished they put the pottery in a kiln. When they come out of the kiln they can be painted. The cups then go back to the kiln, to the Squirrels’ disappointment.

Tag’s cup is him riding a unicorn called Ian. Norrie’s is full of birds. Betty’s has lots of handles because she has lots of arms. Happy likes hugs, his cup has a rainbow. Roly’s is himself as a rabbit with carrots for ears. They have also made a new cup for Duggee. Hatsu disappears. 


Steaming Duggee mug. Clock with characters faces.

Close and Credits

Hatsu reappears to help Duggee reveal himself at the potter’s wheel.

Style Change

There is a beautiful painting sequence in which the Squirrels faces appear in watercolour while they are painting their cups.

Whenever there is a switch to live-action in Hey Duggee, you are in for a treat. In this case, the reveal of the cups turning on the potter’s wheel is one of my favourite sequences from the whole of Hey Duggee. 

Supporting Cast

  • Hatsu the pottery poodle.


Duggee and the Squirrels wear a potter’s apron to throw their pots.

Get Your Pottery Badge

Practice making models with air-drying modelling clay or play-dough. If you made a mug, what would it look like?

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