The Sailing Badge

2.49 The Sailing Badge

In Hey Duggee it can sometimes feel like every creature has good intentions all of the time. The Sailing Badge gives us so true villains, even if the Squirrels quickly make them good. Although it is obviously signposted from the start it’s an interesting twist because, for example, even when the Squirrels have been on the trail of a thief in the past the conclusion is fairly innocent. See The Detective Badge and The Mystery Badge for specific examples.

Badge Design

Round with a boat.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy in the bath with his snorkel and pirate ship.


Duggee and the Squirrels are at the beach making sandcastles.


A ship runs aground on the beach. The Squirrels investigate and find five penguins and a parrot in a cupboard. The first penguin introduces himself as Captain Wet Moustache. The sailors were on a mission when they got sick from eating too much fish ice cream. They were supposed to be heading to an island to pick something up but they got too sick. There’s something fishy about these penguins but the Squirrels offer to help and luckily Duggee has his Sailing Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.49 The Sailing Badge


They take a tour of the ship:

  • The ship’s wheel is where you steer. Roly spins the wheel, making the ship list.
  • The crow’s nest is at the top of the mast. Happy goes up to have a look. He can see water.
  • Norrie finds the ship’s diving board (it’s a plank).
  • Tag finds what he thinks is a massive telescope (it’s a cannon).
  • Betty finds a dressing up box and they all grab some clothes.

The Squirrels spot a fishing boat and wave hello but when the fishermen see them they about turn the boat. Next, they spot an octopus who immediately runs away. Then they see a shark who does the same, followed by a whale. Some clams attached to a rock shut up tight when they see the ship. Finally, they spot a squadron of flying fish who fly off too. The Squirrels think this is all very strange but the penguins brush it off.

Happy spies the island and shouts “land ahoy”. The boat tips them onto the beach. The penguins use the map to locate their, ahem, medicine. Roly digs down and finds a treasure chest. Tag and Roly carry it towards the ship but Tag trips and the treasure chest bursts open revealing a hoard of treasure. The Squirrels put the clues together and realise that the penguins are actually pirates. The penguins admit they are pirates and they stole the treasure because that’s what pirates do. The Squirrels insist they have to give it back because that’s what Squirrels do.

The Squirrel take down the pirate flag and sail and hoist their own. Then they give all the treasure back to its rightful owners:

  • The fishermen get their goldfish.
  • The royal octopus gets their crown and trident back.
  • The shark gets his false teeth back.
  • The clams get their pearls back.
  • The whale gets her fabulous glasses back.
  • The flying fish get their hats back.

Duggee and the Squirrel return to the beach where their adventure began. The penguins promise they won’t steal anymore. Instead they plan to make lots of money from pleasure cruises.


  • Duggee wheel.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Sailing Badges.

The parents pick the Squirrels up wearing their swimwear. The parrot answers for Duggee as the Whale lurks in the background.


Duggee and the Squirrels begin the episode in their beach wear. Duggee changes to an admiral’s uniform to take charge of the ship. When Betty finds the dressing up box, they all put on pirate outfits:

  • Tag has black bandanna, black and white striped t-shirt and red trousers.
  • Norrie wears black ear warmers, a red and white striped t-shirt and blue trousers.
  • Roly has a white bandanna, white shirt and tan trousers.
  • Happy is wearing a blue and white striped bandanna and t-shirt and tan trousers.
  • Betty has a black admiral’s hat and black trousers.
  • Duggee has a red and white striped bandanna, eye patch, white shirt, ripped brown waistcoat and ripped tan trousers.

Get Your Sailing Badge

Playing pirates is good fun.

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