The Singing Badge

2.45 The Singing Badge

The majority of the Singing Badge is taken up with a music video staring Mrs Weaver the beaver.

Badge Design

Round with a singing bird.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Norrie painting a birdhouse.


Duggee and the Squirrels are on a nature walk.


They find butterflies, worms and puddles. They love the countryside until they get wet, prickled and step in somethings that’s not a puddle. The countryside is making them tired and cranky. Duggee proposes they sing a song to pass the time on the way home by singing a song, he has his Singing Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.45 The Singing Badge


Duggee leads the song and the Squirrels join in, causing the woodland animals to run and hide. Their singing disturbs Mrs Weaver the Beaver who is trying to get her cubs to sleep. The cubs and Mrs Weaver complain about the noise. The Squirrels are confused and ask Mrs Weaver if she likes singing? Mrs Weaver loves to sing and when the Squirrels ask she blows everyone away with her song.

Don't think that because I'm an animal that I don't sing,
I got a heart and a brain and some hips to swing.
Give me some space to move and some air to breathe,
And I will give a bottom shaking melody.

[Sqirrels] We like that sound, we like the way it feels,
We can feel it from our head, right down to our toes.

It's all about the feeling,that you get insdide,
You make a shape with your mouth and your lungs are applied.
From down in your soul now here it comes,
It's a burst and a howl and a roll of drums.

It's all about your feet and the feel of the groove,
With a little harmony I do approve.
There ain't no rules, you can sing how you like,
In the bath, on the stage on your sister's bike.

You can chorus, you can growl, you can blow, and you can buzz.
Doesn't matter what the noises that the song-song does.
The point ain't to impress or to be assessed,
Some people might do that but nethertheless.

You don't sing for rewards or a pat on the back,
You don't sing for just to win, Tag remember that.
Whether your in tweeds or jeans or sporting a nappy,
You've only got to sing to make you feel happy!

You want to sing, want to dance, jump up off the ground,
Open up, up wide, and make that sound.
Keep your gold and your diamonds and your rubies too,
Because singing's all a beaver really wants to do.

[Squirrels] Gold and diamonds and your rubies too,
Because singing's all a Squirrel really wants to do.
Singing about the sun, singing about my mum,
Singing about my favourite fruit the Japanese plum.
Singing about the moon, singing about singing,
Only slightly out out of tune!

So if you're down in the dumps or feeling sad,
There's something you can do to make you feel less bad.
It's a song (take it Squirrels),
[Squirrels] It's a song.

[Squirrels] Singing loud and proud,
Singing on your own or in a crowd.
Singing very quickly, or singing very slow,
Singing up high, or singing down low.

Singing, singing to sleep,
It's a sleepy song.
Singing, singing to sleep,
Bed is where you belong.

[Everyone] Singing, singing to sleep,
It's a sleepy song.
Singing, singing to sleep,
Bed is where you belong.

[Everyone] Waving, waving goodbye,
It's a goodbye song.
Singing, singing goodbye,
We'll be home before long.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Singing Badges.

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