The Sleeping Badge

2.34 The Sleeping Badge

The Sleeping Badge appeals to the naturalist in me. The detail and thought put into the pages in the book are truly impressive.

Badge Design

Duggee’s head surrounded by spinning sheep.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag riding on his bike.


The Squirrels are busy playing outside. Tag and Betty are kicking a football. Norrie is bouncing on a pogo stick. Happy is bouncing on a trampoline. Roly is banging on a drum. Betty is skipping. Norrie and Tag play swing ball. Happy bounces. Roly drums and the beat speeds up. Tag springs across the mushrooms. Norrie presses buttons on the till. Happy plays with a car. Roly drums and the beat speeds up. Tag pats a sandcastle. Betty and Norrie go up and down on the seesaw. Roly drums and the beat slows. Tag pats. Betty and Norrie go up and down. Happy moves the car. Roly drums and the beat slows to a stop.


The Squirrels are tired and Duggee brings out a jug of milk. The milk makes them sleepy and they settle down for a nap. Norrie collects up teddy bears. Happy picks up the fish. Betty grabs a book. They all snuggle down with their comforters and drop off to sleep. All except Tag who cannot sleep. Duggee has his Sleeping Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.34 The Sleeping Badge


Duggee suggests lots of ways Tag could get to sleep and Tag copies:

  • Enid snuggles down and so does Tag but it’s too light.
  • The badger burrows but Tag find this too hot.
  • Bats sleep upside down but that doesn’t work for Tag.
  • Elephant sleep standing up but that doesn’t work for Tag.
  • Turtles (tortoises?) sleep with everything tucked in but that doesn’t work for Tag.
  • Koalas sleep holding onto something but that doesn’t work for Tag.

Duggee puls out a book and they discuss more animals:

  • Sea otters sleep holding hands.
  • The Arctic ice mole burrows 30m no 40m under the snow.
  • The potholing possum sleeps in the caverns of the Canadian tundra for exactly 37 days or is it 36 days.
  • The western wallaby sleeps in its mother’s pouch.
  • The narrator’s favourite is the Bermuda bedtime bee who sleeps on the wing.
  • Duggee’s favourite is the Senegalese slumber monkey who bounces while asleep.

Tag is finally asleep.


  • Duggee mobile.

Close and Credits

Duggee fetches the badge on a mobile and the Squirrels remain asleep while Duggee hands them over.

Style Change

The animal book that Duggee shows Tag has lots of cool diagrams and figures to show things like habitat and food. The detail on each page is impressive.


Duggee and the Squirrels wear pyjamas.

  • Duggee has a stripey blue tie.
  • Norrie is wearing a pink nightdress.
  • Betty has orange pyjamas with a hat.
  • Happy has blue stripey pyjamas.
  • Roly has yellow pyjamas.
  • Tag’s pyjamas are red trousers and a white top.

Get Your Sleeping Badge

Investigate the different ways real animals sleep.

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