The Space Badge

2.28 The Space Badge

The Space Badge has a suitably epic feel from blast-off to landing.

Badge Design

Round with stars and planets.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag asleep in his space-themed bedroom.


The Squirrels are bored, it’s too cold and dark to play outside.


Duggee is stargazing through his telescope. The Squirrels want to know about the solar system and Duggee has his Space Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.28 The Space Badge


They all dress up as different bodies in the solar system. Duggee is the sun, Roly is Mercury, Happy is Venus, Norrie is Earth, Tag is Mars, Betty is Jupiter, Chicken is Saturn, Frog is Uranus, Enid is Neptune and Spider is Pluto. Betty wants to go into Space, Duggee has an idea. They travel in a rocket through the solar system. Norrie wants to know where the Space playground is, Happy asks about paddling pools, Tag asks about bouncy castles, Betty asks about treehouses and Roly want the toilet. They see the Milky Way, the Asteroid Belt and Comets. The Squirrels were expecting aliens and have ideas about what they look like. Then they spot Earth and they land at the clubhouse. Roly makes it to the toilet.


  • Duggee floating past in a spacesuit.
  • Countdown to blastoff.

Close and Credits

The parents arrive in the snow. Aliens appear from Duggee’s rocket.

Style Change

3D effect as they travel through space.


Duggee has his tweed suit and bow tie on at the start of the episode. Duggee and the Squirrels wear coloured tracksuits to represent various bodies in the solar system. They all wear orange spacesuits in the rocket.

Get Your Space Badge

Go outside at night and spot some stars and planets.

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