2.27 The Spooky Badge

I don’t think that it is an exaggeration to say that The Spooky Badge is one of the greatest parodies on children’s TV.

Badge Design

A ghostly shape.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Norrie playing the recorder to Worm.


The Squirrels are playing dress-up. Tag is riding Bucky and wearing a cowboy outfit. Norrie is dressed as a princess. Betty is reading with glasses on. Roly is in the dress-up box and wearing a dog outfit. Happy is dressed as a clown. As they run away parts of their costumes fall off.


The Squirrels find Duggee tinkering with the washing machine. He has given it extra spin. A little too much spin as it vibrates outside and spills washing powder on the grass. The cycle ends and the Squirrels help Duggee hang the washing on the line. Duggee is missing a sock. As the chickens peck at the ground, an eerie sound can be heard. A ghost spooks the chickens, causing a stampede. There are mysterious footprints on the ground. The noise is heard again and Roly jumps into Happy’s arms. With all these spooky goings-on it is lucky that Duggee has his Spooky Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.27 The Spooky Badge


Norrie takes the lead as they all follow the spooky footprints. Then they spot a ghost hovering over the water. Norrie is the most enthusiastic about investigating. When they get to the pond they find Mr and Mr Crab with sore heads. They hear the noise again and spot the ghost scaring birds by a wall. When they get to the wall the ghost has materialised on the other side. The ghost scares the angry bull and a chaotic chase scene starts with the bull chasing the ghost and the ghost chasing Duggee and the Squirrels. Eventually, Tag trips over a rock and the ghost trips over Tag.

Norrie is able to reveal the truth when she spots that the ghost has washing instructions. She pulls the sheet off to expose a sheep underneath. She remembers back to the washing machine earlier in the day. The sheep must have walked through the spilt washing powder, creating the footprints. It then walked into the sheet on the washing line, pulling it over itself. At the pond, it used Mr and Mr Crab as stepping stones, giving them headaches. The sheep didn’t walk through the wall but it found a hole to get through. The spooky noise is explained when it coughs up Duggee’s missing sock.


  • Pumpkin Duggee

Close and Credits

The sheep gives a maniacal laugh, scaring a bird.


Duggee and the Squirrels all have special outfits for this parody episode.

  • Duggee wears dungarees throughout.
  • Tag wears a cowboy outfit to ride Bucky at the beginning. His hat falls off leaving him wearing a white shirt, jeans and red neckerchief.
  • Norrie starts off wearing a crown, dress, ear warmers and neckerchief. Her dress and crown come off.
  • Betty is wearing glasses. When she stands up you can see she is also wearing an orange jumper.
  • Roly pops up wearing ears and a nose.
  • Happy is wearing an orange wig and goatee, a green top and a red nose. The wig and nose fly off when he moves.

Get Your Spooky Badge

Your Spooky Badge is the perfect October treat. Getting into the Halloween spirit, dressing up and enjoying autumn are all fun activities this time of year. I’ve put together a list of suitable makes, bakes and games in the post below.

What do You Think?

What was your favourite moment in this badge? What will you do to get this badge? Please leave a comment below and a link to any crafts, recipes or activities you have done for this badge. I look forward to reading about them and possibly including them in future articles.
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