The Stick Badge

2.31 The Stick Badge

The Stick Badge has become infamous, even with people who don’t know any other children’s TV.

Badge Design

Rectangle with a stick.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly meditating.


The Squirrels are playing outside on an autumn day. Happy and Roly are playing in the sandpit. Betty is reading. Norrie and Tag are kicking a football.


The Squirrels find Duggee collecting wood for a campfire. The Squirrels try to help but they get it a little wrong. They pick up:

  • Horse’s pegs.
  • Pig’s tennis racquet.
  • Lion’s cane.
  • Bear’s spoon.
  • Grumpy Bird’s door.

Duggee explains that they can’t just collect wood that is still useful and they return the items. Duggee can tell them what to collect, he has his Stick Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.32 The Stick Badge


They need to collect small sticks, medium sticks and large sticks. Tag and Norrie find one in bloom. Happy finds one but it’s too wet. Roly finds a branch that is in use by two birds in a nest. Then Betty finds one that is just right. The Squirrels look for more and are all are successful except Roly whose sticks crumble and flop. Suddenly he picks a stick up and eyes appear and it speaks. Roly runs to the rest of the Squirrels to introduce them to his new friend. The Squirrels are amazed and Duggee explains that it’s not a stick, it is a stick insect. If it gets scared it can look exactly like a stick. Everyone says “stick” a lot and the iconic stick song starts. Everyone daces along to the happy house dance track:

  • Stick dances with a sheep, the chickens and Frog.
  • He visits Grumpy Bird.
  • He messes up Horse’s washing.
  • He jumps in Bear’s porridge.
  • He hits pig’s tennis ball.
  • He dances with Lion.


  • Duggee moon.

Close and Credits

The parents arrive in their outdoor wear ready for the campfire. The Squirrels introduce them to their new friend but he is nowhere to be seen and Duggee is putting sticks on the fire. Luckily Stick appears from under Duggee’s hat and starts to dance again. Everyone enjoys marshmallows around the campfire. After the Squirrels leave the party it turns into a rave. As the credits roll Stick continues to dance on Duggee’s kennel while he sleeps covered in neon body paint.

Supporting Cast

  • Stick


Duggee and the Squirrels have their cold-weather gear on:

  • Duggee wears a check lumberjack shirt and hat.
  • Norrie has a pink coat and purple scarf.
  • Betty has a pink bobble hat.
  • Tag has a green coat.
  • Roly has a hunter’s hat and blue check scarf.
  • Happy has on a blue bobble hat and red scarf.

Duggee ends the episode in dressed for a ’90s rave. He is shirtless apart from neon body paint. He is also wearing sunglasses and white gloves.

Get Your Stick Badge

Sticks are a surprisingly versatile ingredient for crafts, games and activities. Sticks have also inspired books, cakes and biscuits. I have put together a post full of ideas for how to get your Stick Badge. There are so many different options for things you could do for this badge.

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