The Tadpole Badge

2.9 The Tadpole Badge

The Tadpole Badge gives us some fabulous moments. My personal favourite is Norrie advising that “Manners maketh the Frog”. The moment that made it into the public’s top 5 was the newly grown-up Frogs’ plans for the future.

Badge Design

Round with a tadpole.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag asleep in his space-themed room.


The Squirrels are skipping.


Duggee is making a rock pool but Happy can’t splash in it. The pool is for the animals, a place of calm. Betty and Norrie spot some ‘wriggly raisins’. Duggee points out they are babies called tadpoles. The Squirrels guess what sort of babies they are. Betty guesses baby worms, Happy guesses baby fish and Norrie guesses baby snails. They are baby frogs, Duggee has his Tadpole Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.9 The Tadpole Badge


Duggee brings out his tadpole book and explains how tadpoles will change into frogs. The Squirrels decide to tell the tadpoles what’s going to happen to them. The tadpoles are in denial. Betty reads from the book that they will get arms and legs first and sure enough, they do. Next, they turn green and spotty. Then they all start to sound like Frog. Finally, they leave the pond in a fan-favourite sequence. One is going to study mechanical engineering, one is going to go on a gap-yar and another is going to work in the city. The Squirrels offer their advice, including some from Shakespeare, as the Frogs leave. Each frog now has its own distinctive personality and interests.


  • Frog landing on Duggee’s head.

Close and Credits

Duggee and Frog (who does have legs) dance to the theme tune. 

Supporting cast

  • Frog and the tadpoles


Duggee wears his work dungarees throughout.

Get Your Tadpole Badge

Go outside in Spring and search for frogspawn and tadpoles. Learn about the life-cycle of a frog.

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