The Theatre Badge

2.23 The Theatre Badge

The Theatre Badge presents a parody of West Side Story

Badge Design

Round with stars and two masks, a happy mouse and a sad rabbit. 

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly watching his Duggee windmill.


Duggee and the Squirrels are on a nature walk when Roly spots the animals arguing. Tino and Eugine are arguing about the show they are putting on. Tino wants an intellectual show with mime. Eugine wants to entertain with a big show. The cast of animals is waiting, the show is tonight. The Squirrels realise they need some help and Duggee has his Theatre Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.23 The Theatre Badge


The Squirrels suggest that the show should be about people not getting on, and then getting on. Tino and Eugine love it. Duggee directs the set building, including an impossibly long ladder. Tag and Happy help Ethel the elephant paint the backdrop. Norrie warms up with Katarina. Betty sets up the seating with a gorilla. Eugine coaches Buggee, the female lead. Duggee switches to a roadie outfit to put up the lights. Tino coaches Naughty Monkey, the male lead. Eugine choreographs the dancers. Betty and Roly paint posters. Tag takes on the role of the stage manager, giving the 5-minute call. Betty does Chew Chew’s makeup. Happy and Norrie paint more scenery. Roly announces the show and Tag gives the final call. 

The ant band begins to play. Happy and betty raise the curtain. Naughty Monkey and his family of mimes are on stage, they are joined by Buggee’s louder family, including Chew Chew and King Tiger. Tag calls for Happy to lower the moon. More on stage conflict, then they start to dance. They speak the same language, the language of dance. The show is a big success.

Close and Credits

Duggee lowers their badge from the ceiling. The credits are silent movie/arthouse style.

Supporting Cast

  • Tino
  • Eugine
  • Naughty Monkey
  • Buggee
  • King Tiger
  • Chew Chew


Duggee wears a directors outfit complete with beret, open shirt and yellow polka dot cravat. He also wears blue overalls for set building. Tag wears a green tracksuit top as the stage manager. Happy and Norrie wear their painter overalls to paint sets.

Get Your Theatre Badge

Put on a performance.

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