The Treehouse Badge

2.7 The Treehouse Badge

Duggee’s annoyance at Norrie’s innocent suggestion that he might need her dad’s help throughout The Treehouse Badge reflects the irrational jealousy we all feel at times. 

Badge Design

Round with a treehouse.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly watching his Duggee windmill.


Roly and Happy are playing with the blocks, Tag is playing with the car. Norrie is reading a book about trees and Betty is drawing a picture of a bus.


Duggee is cleaning and disturbing the Squirrels play, so they head to the treehouse. They soon find that they have outgrown the treehouse. Norrie suggests they make it bigger just like her Dad does to her house when she gets a new brother or sister. Duggee has his treehouse Badge.


Duggee makes the treehouse bigger. The Squirrels play inside until naughty monkey pops his head around the door. Roly draws plans for something to entertain Naughty Monkey on Betty’s drawing of a tree. Work montage – Duggee saws, hammers and drills, Betty and Norrie measure, Tag carries wood while Roly carries a twig, Betty carries more wood Happy and Norrie paint. Finally, Happy and Roly are painting, Tag and Norrie are measuring and Duggee sips a mug of coffee. They have made monkey bars. 

Tag makes a plan for the sheep. Work montage – Duggee saws, hammers and drills, Happy and Tag carry wood, Betty, Happy and Tag paint and finally, Duggee sips coffee. The sheep have a seesaw. Betty is coming up with a plan for Ethel the elephant. Work montage – Duggee saws, hammers and drills, Betty, Happy and Tag paint and finally, Duggee sips coffee. Ethel has a ball pit. More animals want something. They make a treadmill for Horse, a chill-out dome for the rabbits, a sleep-chamber for Enid, a bath for Frog, a fireman’s pole for Tino the artistic mouse, a decked area for the chickens, a greenhouse for Bear, an office for Worm and a garage for the mice. The final shot also shows a zip-line for the penguins, an observatory and a TV room for the cow. The Squirrels make Duggee a swing for him to relax on after a hard days work.


A construction kit Duggee made out of wood. 

Close and Credits

Duggee’s swing breaks.

Style Change

The shot of them squashed together in the treehouse is cool.


Duggee wears his flowery work clothes throughout.

Get Your Treehouse Badge

Head outside and make a den together. What improvements can you make?

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