The Voice Badge

The Voice Badge is a clever concept. The Squirrels manage to exchange voices and some manerisms in an amusing but not glaring way.

Badge Design

A speech bubble shape with a mouth.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty is doing chemistry experiments.


Duggee is hanging out the washing and the Squirrels are all skipping. Happy and Tag are holding the rope and the other three are in the middle.


Duggee finds a wizard’s hat in the laundry basket. A bird takes off from the washing line and flies past Enid, Sheep, Chicken, Cow and Frog before landing on Happy’s nose. It sings a sweet tune and the Squirrels stop to admire it. Meanwhile, Duggee has put on his wizard’s outfit and finds a wand in the pocket. He gives it a wave. Back at the Squirrels the bird suddenly goes “baaa”. Duggee continues to dance around with his wand. The Squirrels voices become mixed up too:

  • Norrie sounds like Tag.
  • Tag sounds like Happy.
  • Happy sounds like Norrie.
  • Betty sounds like Roly.
  • Roly sounds like Betty.

They run off to find Duggee to help. On the way, they pass the animals who all have mixed up voices:

  • Frog sounds like Chicken.
  • Cow sounds like the bird.
  • Chicken sounds like Frog.
  • Sheep sounds like Cow.

The Squirrels explain the situation to Duggee. Norrie has noticed that the animals voices have changed too. It becomes apparent that Duggee’s has also swapped voices with Enid. Fortunately, Duggee has his Voice Badge.

Hey Duggee Episode 2.32 The Voice Badge


Duggee pulls a Xylophone out of his robes and taps it with his wand. They have to show the animals what they should sound like. The Squirrels do so, still with their incorrect voices:

  • Happy (sounding like Norrie) explains to the bird on his nose that it should tweet tweet.
  • Betty (sounding like Roly) explains to Chicken that she should peck peck.
  • Norrie (sounding like Tag) explains to Cow that she should moooooo.
  • Roly (sounding like Betty) explains to Frog that he should ribbit.
  • Tag (sounding like Happy) explains to Sheep that she should baaa.
  • They all help Enid miaow again.

Next, it is the Squirrels’ turns. They need to think of something they like to say. Betty jumps up and down shouting “I know, I know”. Happy jumps in a puddle shouting “splash”. Norrie does her trademark dance. Super Tag jumps out of the washing basket. Roly shouts “bird!”.


  • Marching band Duggee.

Close and Credits

Duggee is the last to get his voice back with a Duggee hug. Duggee gives his wand one last swish and changes the narrator’s voice.

Supporting Cast

  • Little bird
  • Enid
  • Sheep
  • Cow
  • Frog
  • Chicken


  • Duggee wears his blue wizard’s robes.

Get Your Voice Badge

Try out the voices of lots of different animals.

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