The Wedding Badge

2.40 The Wedding Badge

Badge Design

Round with a wedding cake.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy on a bug hunt.


The Squirrels are all playing with the building blocks.


The doorbell rings and it’s the delivery chipmunk with an invitation to King Tiger’s wedding. Duggee has his Wedding Badge and has a job to do at the wedding.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.40 The Wedding Badge


Duggee and the Squirrels walk to the wedding wearing hats because you have to wear hats to a Royal wedding. They are also bringing gifts of fruit because that’s traditional. King Tiger greets all the guests as they arrive at his palace.

The Squirrels place their gifts on the table and take their seats with the other guests. King Tiger welcomes everyone and compliments them on their hats. He announces that his fiancee will soon where the best hat of all. The music starts and Tag and Roly open the door. Outside the garden is empty and the bride is nowhere to be seen. The music grinds to a halt as everyone gasps in shock. King Tiger is suddenly concerned that she has changed her mind. The Squirrels run off to find her.

They run around the lavish gardens looking for her and find Chew Chew tangled in a bush in the adjoining jungle. It turns out that the panda is the bride. The gang pull her free, tearing her wedding dress in the process. They promise to fix it and run back to the wedding.

Meanwhile, King Tiger is lamenting his luck to Duggee as the Squirrels run in and take all the fruit from the table and the white table cloth.

Back with Chew Chew, the Squirrels get sewing cutting, juggling fruit and creating. Chew Chew is pleased with the result.

King Tiger is still crying on Duggee’s shoulder when the Squirrels throw open the doors and Chew Chew marches down the aisle in a fruit covered wedding dress. Duggee performs the ceremony and King Tiger starts the party with the jelly belly dancers.


  • Duggee pops out of a wedding cake.

Close and Credits

The parents arrive in their wedding hats. Duggee catches the fruit bouquet and the wedding march plays over the credits.


Duggee wears a blue suit and top hat for the wedding. The Squirrels all wear their own clothes with special hats:

  • Norrie wears a party hat.
  • Roly has his fez on.
  • Happy is wearing a big parade hat.
  • Betty is sporting a bowler hat.
  • Tag is wearing a boater.

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