The Whistling Badge

2.2 The Whistling Badge

It’s good to see that Betty is not always good at everything in the Whistling Badge.

Badge Design

Round with a train whistle.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty doing chemistry with a poster of Einstein in the background. The poster of the periodic table has the Squirrels and Duggee as elements.


All of the Squirrels are playing with cars. 


Duggee is feeding the chickens. Then Egg has a question which leads to an existential crisis. He runs around shouting and causing chaos. He makes the cow jump on top of the clubhouse, scares the sheep, the horse runs into the bales of hay, Enid the cat knocks over the plants, the birds’ nest breaks, naughty monkey knocks over his barrel of fruit, Whooo loses her feathers, his mum lays an egg, the mice throw their playing cards in the air, frog falls over. This goes on until Duggee whistles. Duggee has his whistling badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 2.2 The Whistling Badge


Take a big breath, purse your lips and blow. The Squirrels practice and Norrie, Tag, Happy and Roly get the hang of it. Betty is finding it harder. The other Squirrels point out that she is good at other things like answering questions, telling people what to do and being purple. She gets the hang of it and they launch into a work song, helping Duggee tidy the farmyard.

Close and Credits

All three chicks whistle on Duggee’s head and the whistling song plays over the credits.

Style Change

It’s only minor but I like the shot where the faces of Duggee and the Squirrels fill the screen, each one is just a square but is recognisable. 

Supporting Cast

  • Egg

Get Your Whistling Badge

Practise whistling together.

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