The Babysitting Badge

3.33 The Babysitting Badge

Badge Design

Star with a bottle.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy drinking water.


The Squirrels are playing instruments. Happy has cymbals, Betty has maracas, Roly has a tambourine, Norrie has a keytar and Tag has a drum.


Duggee is off to help the Old Deers with an emergency. King Tiger has come round to look after them, he has his Babysitting Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.33 The Babysitting Badge


Duggee leaves and King Tiger pulls out the Big Book of Babysitting. It has tips on baby games, cots, lullabies, burping, bedtime, potty training.

Duggee arrives at the Old Deers’ house. There’s an enormous leak in the bathroom that they would like fixed while they’re at the skatepark.

King Tiger pulls our Polly Paw, the puppet and introduces her to the Squirrels. He shows them the royal wave and the crown. Norrie asks if they can try on the crown.

Back at the Old Deers’ house, Duggee seems to have fixed the leak. However, one last check indicates things have gotten worse. They keep on getting worse every time we check in with Duggee.

The Squirrels are playing with the crown much to King Tiger’s distress:

  • Norrie heads up a game of Copy the King.
  • Norrie throws hoops over it while Roly wears it.
  • Betty skips with it on.

The Squirrels ask King Tiger for a snack. He’s not sure where to start with the jam sandwich-making process. The Squirrels explain that he needs to cut the bread first so he pulls out a sword. He creates something that looks not entirely unlike a jam sandwich.

King Tiger longs for Duggee’s return and when the Squirrels ask him what they should do next he tells them to do whatever they want. The Squirrels do exactly that, running around and making mess. A cow comes inside, Betty rides a bike through the clubhouse, they start up the marching band again and bring in Naughty Monkey.

Duggee hears the Old Deers return from the skate park and performs some emergency works, finally bringing things under control.

The Squirrels see how tired King Tiger is and suggest he lies down. Roly lends him his blanket. Tag gives him a bottle of warm milk while Happy reads a story.

While Duggee speeds home, everything is peaceful at the clubhouse. Betty and Happy paint some grapes and Tag and Norrie read. Roly has tidied up. When Duggee bursts through the door they shush him. King Tiger has just dropped off and is dreaming of jelly belly dancers.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Babysitting Badges.

King Tiger and Polly Paw don’t think it has been fun.


Duggee has his boiler suit on throughout.

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