The Big Day Out Badge

3.8 The Big Day Out Badge

The biggest revelation in the Big Day Out Badge has to be Tag’s mum flirting with Duggee.

Badge Design

Rectangle with a dog bus.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty in her cardboard rocket.


The Squirrels are standing around waiting for Duggee with their parents or grandparents.


Duggee arrives with a bus and they all embark. Norrie’s dad inquires about Duggee’s qualifications and Duggee assures him that he has his Big Day Out Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.8 The Big Day Out Badge


Roly’s granddad asks if he’s been to the toilet yet and Roly asks him the same thing back. Tag’s mum compliments Duggee on his uniform as they board the bus. With everyone on board they depart. Duggee is keeping their destination a surprise. They pass some fun places of interest on the way:

  • Happy’s mum spots the famous rainbow rocks. The who party admires them from the window.
  • Betty’s granddad spots a wonderful example of a wombats wobbly watermill.
  • Norrie’s dad spots the mountain that’s shaped like a knickerbocker glory.
  • Tag’s mum spots a castle.
  • They driver over bagpipe bridge.

They pass by a series of ever ore exciting locations, then through a tunnel. Duggee stops the bus in the middle of nowhere. They have arrived at Duggee’s special picnic spot. Duggee puts the radio on and sets up the picnic. Norrie’s dad admires the view and Tag’s mum admires the jam sandwiches. Roly and his granddad enjoy some blueberry juice, then head off to the toilet. Happy splashes in a pond and his mum tells him not to get too wet. Norrie’s dad tells her not to go too high on the swing. Betty and her granddad go bird spotting and find some blue-billed beatboxing birds. Happy’s mum joins him for a splash. Norrie’s dad swings higher. Roly and his granddad have a horse ride. Tag’s mum dances with Duggee. As the sunsets, everyone joins in the dancing.

Close and Credits

Duggee turns off the radio. The Squirrels and their guardians have earned their Big Day Out Badge.

Duggee drives a bus full of sleeping day trippers home.


Duggee wears a bus driver’s uniform and cap.

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