3.48 The Board Game Badge

Badge Design

Diamond with a board game board and 6-sided dice.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty is flying a rocket.


The Squirrels are doing nothing. It’s been raining forever.


It’s the perfect day for a board game. Duggee suggests his favourite, Planet Zap – Quest for the Power Orb. He set’s up the enormous board and explains the premise. The Squirrels play space explorers who have landed on the Planet Zap looking for the caves of Haloumi, which contain the power orb. It’s a dangerous place, full of weird and wonderful creatures who the characters must get past as they work as a team to reach the orb. Their character cards show their unique abilities and the contents of their space pack. They can gain learning points and confirm them to new skills. They have to get there before the eclipse of forgetfulness. There is also:

  • Special event cards.
  • Circle of destiny.
  • 60 traits of learning.
  • 279 page rulebook.
  • Various dice.

The Squirrels are worried it is complicated, but Duggee has his Board Game Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.48 The Board Game Badge.


To start with, they all pick a character:

  • Happy will be the captain.
  • Tag is a Space Wizzard.
  • Norrie Computer genius.
  • Roly is the engineer.
  • Betty is the chef (to her annoyance).

Duggee will be their guide as a Cosmic Druid. They all dress in the costumes which Duggee got in an expansion pack.

They are ready to start. Happy rolls first, and they land on space slime. Roly helps them escape with his jet pack by spending learning points and spinning the Circle of Destiny.

They reach the Dothrakanians which look like angry babies. Norrie decides to play them some music to get them to sleep. To succeed she must roll 30+ on a 32-sided dice. She rolls a 31.

Next, they are up against a giant space monster. Betty realises it is hungry and tries to feed it raisins. Duggee can’t find any rule for this in the rulebook.

Happy decides they should go that way first on a giant duck. The rulebook doesn’t have anything on this either.

They roll and move, coming up against:

  • An angry space worm- Norries uses her pencil to give it a smiley face.
  • A Zibab droid – Tag rolls some jelly beans, knocking it over.
  • Betty drives them across the map in a remote controlled car.
  • Green slime which Roly defeats with a potato..

After more shenanigans, they reach the centre of the board, but they are nearly out of time. Duggee suggests the duck, but the Squirrels use the rules from the rulebook to formulate a plan. It’s possible, but they need a lucky roll. They get it and win the game.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Board Game Badge.

A giant dice lands next to Duggee.

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