3.38 The Bridge Badge

Badge Design

Rectangle with an arched bridge.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag building blocks.


Duggee is studying rocks. The Squirrels are a little fed up. Happy complains that they are dry and Roly is disappointed one is not a potato.


Tag finds himself in the middle of two factions of gerbils as they trade insults across a chasm. The Squirrels ask the gerbils why they are shouting at each other and the tribes agree that they don’t like each other.

The orange gerbils tell the story of how a long time ago their leader, Sourface Bjorn arrived in this place when the land was flat and saw it was good for growing juicy sweet pears. He settled and called it Pear Valley.

Meanwhile, the blue gerbils claim to have arrived first. Their Queen, Ingrid Irontooth, saw the fertile ground was good for growing lovely, shiny nuts. She called it Nut Hill.

The gerbils argue again then reminisce about how they used to live peacefully together. They would trade ingredients to make Blergen, their traditional soup. They no longer make the soup since the great split of 1392. The gerbils began to argue about the flavour of the blergen causing a fissure to open up in the ground, physically dividing the tribes.

The Squirrels think that they should try to build bridges between their communities. The gerbils agree that it would be nice to try blergen again. Duggee can help, he has his Bridge Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.38 The Bridge Badge


They build a bridge:

  • Betty and Duggee draw up a blueprint for the bridge.
  • Tag and Norrie take measurements.
  • Roly and Betty survey the area.
  • Happy marks out where to build.
  • Duggee starts building.
  • Tag brings in rocks.
  • The orange gerbils use pears as cement.
  • Roly and Betty collect vines which the blue gerbils use to make scafolding.
  • Happy sand Norrie collect sticks.
  • The orange gerbils use nut hammers.
  • Happy helps the blue gerbils to level their side.
  • Norrie tightens a bolt for the blue gerbils.
  • Everyone is super busy.

They finish the bride and the two tribes meet in the middle to exchange gifts of shiny nuts and juicy pears. Afterwards, they make blergen and party.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Bridge Badge.

The party continues.


Duggee wears a Jurassic Park inspired safari shirt and a hat.

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