3.37 The Buddy Badge

Badge Design

Double heart shape with two Duggee faces.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly playing hide and seek with a bird.


Duggee and the Squirrels are having a lovely walk.


They meet Mrs Weaver dragging her kayak. She demonstrates how fun it is by paddling down a river and over a waterfall. She complains that it’s not as fun as it used to be because her friend always makes excuses not to come with her:

  • He’s finishing a jigsaw.
  • He’s eating a pair.
  • He’s washing his hair.

The Squirrels think it sounds like he doesn’t like kayaking. When Mrs Weaver thinks about it, they might be right. Duggee suggests that maybe Mrs Weaver needs a kayaking buddy, someone who likes kayaking as much as she does. Others want to find a buddy too:

  • Norrie wants a dance buddy.
  • Mouse does not want a cheese buddy, she wants a nut balancing buddy.
  • Mole wants a buddy who shares his passion for record-breaking stunts.

Duggee can help them find a buddy, he has his Buddy Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.37 The Buddy Badge


Duggee is putting on a buddy bonanza. Everyone sits at a table with one other person and they chat until Duggee clangs the gong. Then everyone changes places and they chat again until they find a buddy.

The buddy bonanza begins:

  • Tag talks to Lord Fingal. Lord Fingal doesn’t like mess and nor does Tag. Tag knocks over everything on the table.
  • Norrie asks Slug if he likes dancing. He doesn’t.
  • Happy asks Mrs Weaver if she goes in the water when kayaking. She doesn’t, the kayak goes in the water.
  • Roly is looking for a bird-watching buddy. Worm likes to stay clear of birds.
  • Buggee is worried Hyena will think what she’s looking for is ridiculous. Hyena just laughs.
  • Betty is looking for a science buddy but she mentions cheese which upsets Mouse.
  • Mrs Weaver describes kayaking to a Penguin who is not interested in trying it.
  • Lord Fingal tells Slug he likes cleanliness. Slug does too but he leaves slime everywhere.
  • Roly shouts at a bird.
  • Happy meets a sea lion who likes water as much as he does. It’s a match.
  • Sergeant Ant likes order and Gogo likes pineapples.
  • Naughty Monkey scares Tortoise.
  • Buggee tells Mole that she just wants to have big adventures. Mole suggests mind-blowing stunts. It’s a match.
  • Mrs Weaver’s kayak isn’t big enough for Angry Bull.
  • Hyena laughs. Worm laughs. It’s a match.
  • Norrie and Naughty Monkey both like to dance. It’s a match.
  • Betty and Guinea Pig both like science.
  • Sergeant Ant tells Lord Fingal to straighten his tie and polish his buttons. It’s a match.
  • Mouse immediately tells Penguin that she doesn’t like cheese. Penguin thinks it’s a shame as Duggee’s new Buckminster blue is amazing. It turns out that Mouse agrees. It’s a match.
  • Slug and Tortoise descover they have a lot in common. It’s a match.
  • Tag falls over as he approaches the table, sending everything flying again. Clown declares that he is a natural. It’s a match.
  • Roly and Angry Bull both find birdwatching relaxing. It’s a match.

Everyone has a buddy except Mrs Weaver. Just then Gazelle arrives late because she has been swimming in a river. She wants to explore more in a boat. Mrs Weaver’s kayak is perfect. It’s a match.


  • Duggee gong.

Close and Credits

Everyone has earned their Buddy Badges.

Duggee has a relaxing buddy in Enid.

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