The Christmas Badge

3.32 The Christmas Badge

Badge Design

Circle with a Santa hat.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag pulling lights from a box of decorations.


Duggee and the Squirrels are plying music and dancing. Happy is playing the symbols and Tag is playing the drums.


The doorbell rings. It’s Duggee’s friend Clarence. The Squirrels introduce themselves and tell him that they are getting ready for Christmas. Clarence used to get excited for Christmas too but he finds it all a bit much nowadays. The Squirrels show him some Christmas hospitality, offering him Christmas pies and Duggee’s fruit cup. He complains that Christmas pies get a bit samey after the first 3 million but he accepts the drink.

Clarence used to think that Christmas was the best time of year too. He would spend all year getting ready for it, building toys but people started wanting more and somewhere along the way it lost its magic and Clarence lost his Christmas cheer. The Squirrels want to help and luckily Duggee has his Christmas Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.32 The Christmas Badge


They need to put everything together that they love about Christmas:

  • Duggee’s favourite thing is the surprises.
  • Happy’s family make each secret hats. Last year he made one for Eric and Eric made one for him.
  • Betty loves crackers. Her granddad makes his own.
  • Tag loves Christmas songs. His gran plays the piano and they all sing.
  • Norrie loves Christmas food. Her dad makes a Christmas curry while she makes the gingerbread house with her siblings.
  • In Roly’s house they play find the potato.

While Clarence naps they put all those things together:

  • Betty and Happy grappy the sticky tape and wrapping paper.
  • Norrie and Tag start decorating.
  • Roly looks for somewhere to hide his potato.
  • Clarence asks for another fruit cup while Happy measures his head.
  • Duggee chops.
  • Roly looks for somewhere to hide his potato.
  • Happy makes Christmas hats for everyone.
  • Betty makes crackers for everyone.
  • Norrie makes gingerbread.
  • Duggee cooks.
  • Happy and Norrie hang up the stockings.
  • Clarence enquires about the state of the chimney.
  • Roly looks for somewhere to hide his potato.
  • Happy, Betty and Tag dress as elves and dance.
  • Duggee tastes the sauce and fetches more fruit cup.
  • Norrie hands presents on the tree.
  • Tag gets covered in wrapping paper.
  • Happy hangs baubles on the tree.
  • Happy, Norrie, Tag and Betty carry the gifts.
  • Clarence reminisces about home.
  • The Squirrels admire their work.

Duggee appears with a flaming nut roast and they sit down to dinner. Clarence remembers what Christmas is all about, the little things. The music, the hats, the crackers, the food, the company and the potatoes.

Clarence realises the time and takes his leave. The Squirrels thank him for coming and he thanks them as he squeezes up the chimney. The Squirrels almost have a revelation about Clarence.


  • Duggee tinsel.
  • Duggee Christmas tree.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Christmas Badge. They head home in the snow. A present drops from the sky for Duggee.


Duggee and the Squirrels wear green elf outfits.

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