3.41 The Counting Badge

The Counting Badge is super simple compared to many of the complex ideas that have been explored throughout series 3. However, it is such an important lesson for pre-school children that it certainly belongs.

Badge Design

Rectangle with 123 written in the middle.

Episode Summary


The Squirrels are counting Duggee’s badges.


They continue counting until Roly spots his counting badge, which he got for counting to 100.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.41 The Counting Badge


The Squirrel claim that counting to 100 is impossible. However, they can count to 10 and counting to 100 is just counting to 10, 10 times. The Squirrels give it a go, and the animals encourage them through it.

  • 1-10 – they count 10 toys.
  • 11-20 – they count 10 things in the kitchen.
  • 21-30 – they count 10 fruits.
  • 31-40 – they count 10 flowers.
  • 41-50 – they count 10 vegetables.
  • 51-60 – they count 10 things in their picnic.
  • 61-70 – they count 10 clothes on the washing line.
  • 71-80 – they count 10 animals.
  • 81-90 – they count 10 birds.
  • 91-100 – they count Duggee’s badges.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Counting Badges.

The animals join Duggee to count after the Squirrels have gone home.

Get Your Counting Badge

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