The Crazy Golf Badge

3.20 The Crazy Golf Badge

I am not a big fan of golf for 99% of the year. However, two things I do like are crazy golf courses and the Masters from Augusta and the Crazy Golf Badge cleverly manages to combine these two things.

Badge Design

Round with an intricate golfing trophy design.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty doing four drawings at once.


Duggee is practising his putting.


The Squirrels ask what Duggee is doing. He’s practising his crazy golf. A game that you have to hit a ball over, under and through obstacles. Duggee plays it once a year with his pals and if they get a hole in one they get milkshakes. At the mention of milkshake, the Squirrels get excited.

Duggee has switched outfit to his Masters winner’s jacket. He can help the Squirrels learn crazy golf, he has his crazy golf badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee 3.20 The Crazy Golf Badge


First, the Squirrels must come up with concepts for their own holes:

  • Betty’s has science.
  • Tag’s has bouncy mushrooms.
  • Happy’s has water.
  • Norrie’s has unicorns.
  • Roly’s has mud.

Next they turn those ideas into a crazy golf course. There’s a building montage. Roly digs, Betty screws, Tag pumps up a mushroom, Happy fills the paddling pool, Norrie leads a unicorn and Duggee saws. Duggee measures. Roly uses the cement mixer to mix mud, Betty designs a blueprint for something, Tag carries wood, Happy fills holes with water from a watering can, Norrie draws and Duggee cuts the grass. Happy checks a dripping tap. Norrie arranges a giant snake. Betty taps an old-style computer. Tag bounces on a mushroom. Duggee hammers.

The camera pans across five impressive works of art that are the Squirrel’s holes.

Hole 1 is Norrie’s Crazy Creatures Hole. The ball mast travel over a rainbow guarded by a unicorn, past Hedgeley and two Badgers lifting hedges. Avoid the goat and go over the snake and into the hole. Birds sit on clouds overhead. Duggee fails when the goat eats his ball. Happy struggles to get over the snake. Betty, Happy, Roly and Norrie all hit their balls into holes occupied by worms. Tag putts his ball into the correct hole and wins the hole.

Hole 2 is Betty’s Complex Vortex. She has made her course out of science equipment including test tubes, a microscope, a model of the solar system and a magnet. Happy hits his ball into the hadron washing machine and it teleports behind him. The molecular microscope magnifies Tags ball. Duggee’s ball is launched into space. Roly’s club is attracted to the magnet. Norrie wins with a spectacular drive into some chemical flasks.

Hole 3 is Tag’s Mega Unfair. Features include a reversing travelator, a twisty tube, rubber rings, bouncing mushrooms and a giant hammer. Betty’s ball stalls on the travelator. Happy’s ball is spat back at him from the tube. Balls are thrown in the air by mushrooms and crushed by the hammer. Betty fails to hit her ball while Norrie bounces across the mushrooms with hers. Roly falls down a trapdoor. Tag falls down a slide and Happy wins the hole.

Hole 4 is Roly’s mud Hole. Happy, Norrie, Betty, Tag and Duggee all struggle to get their balls to move. Roly swims through the mud. Happy splats himself in the face. Betty prevails when Roly clears a path to the hole.

Hole 5 is Happy’s Water Water Water Hole. Happy turns on the tap and reveals a hole with an increasing number of fountains, a series of umbrellas, a mountain followed by a cascade waterfall and a paddling pool. Tag slips along the slip-slide. Norrie sends her ball down the waterfall. Roly bounces on jets of water. Duggee’s ball sinks and Roly manages to get his ball into the floating hole.

The final hole is Duggee’s One-Shot Wonder House. At this point, it switches to full Masters mode with a full sweeping shot across the hole which goes into the clubhouse, up the stairs, over the bath and back downstairs to the garden. Duggee lines up his shot as his old golfing buddies arrive with their golf buggy. He hits the ball through the letterbox, through the marble game, bouncing off the jack-in-the-box. It jumps up the stairs, onto a sponge, off a duck in the bath, onto a skate and down the stairs. It travels across some glass jars and out of the cat flap and into the hole. Milkshakes for all!


  • A ball drops into a Duggee-shaped hole.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Crazy Golf Badges.

Duggee’s friend Gazelle putts a ball and Worm pops up.

Style Change

The 3D Masters sweeping shots are incredible.


Duggee and the Squirrels have some incredible golfing outfits.

  • Duggee changes outfit a few times. He begins the episode in a pink argyle jumper and blue Balmoral bonnet. Next, Duggee wears a green Masters winner’s jacket, cap and a pink t-shirt that is similar to the outft worn by the 2018 winner, Patrick Reed.
  • Betty is wearing striking red trousers and a red Balmoral bonnet.
  • Happy is also wearing a Balmoral bonnet, and argyle jumper, shorts and long argyle socks.
  • Roly is the final Balmoral bonnet wearer. He is also wearing red and white check trousers.
  • Norrie is wearing a cap and a pink check dress.
  • Tag is wearing a sunshade and argyle jumper.

Get Your Crazy Golf Badge

Go to a crazy golf course and have fun. Design your own at home.

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