The Day Off Badge

3.6 The Day Off Badge

The Day Off Badge once again shows Hey Duggee’s ability to mess around with the format without missing a beat. All the episodes in series three feel unique but this one is a cut above the rest.

There’s a lot of nice little details in this episode, such as the photograph of Duggee and Peggee and Duggee’s drawing from The Drawing Badge hanging on the wall.

Badge Design

Round with a sunshine asleep in bed.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

The milkman is putting milk on Norrie’s doorstep. He jumps into his milk float and drives to the clubhouse where a sleepy Duggee appears in his pyjamas.


An unshaven Duggee is eating his breakfast. There is no Squirrel club today but luckily Duggee has a fun-filled day planned, he has his Day Off Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.6 The Day Off Badge


Duggee does his morning stretches then heads to the bathroom. He puts on some music, dresses in some stylish leisurewear and feeds Enid. Then he tidies the toys, does some dusting, cleans the windows, feeds the fish and eats more breakfast. He rearranges the kitchen cupboards, does his ironing and the vacuuming. Next, he has a nap with Enid, followed by a cup of tea and a bath. Duggee is beginning to look a little bored now as he reads the paper, straightens his drawing and has another cup of tea.

The doorbell rings and in walks Happy. He turns to leave again straight away wearing his yellow jumper. Duggee asks about his day. He has been looking for his jumper in bed, on the stairs, under the sofa and under his mum’s hat. Then outside under a rock, in a bucket and in a tree. Then he remembered he last had it at the clubhouse.

Roly suddenly runs in followed by his Granddad. They were just around the corner playing in his favourite mud park when they had a bit of a toilet emergency so they ran to the clubhouse.

They turn around and find Betty has also arrived with her dad. Today they have been to her violin lesson, done judo, been climbing, learnt a new language and been horse riding. They stopped at the clubhouse because her dad needed a rest.

Next, Tag stumbles in with his Gran to tell Duggee about all the animals he has seen today. They have spotted a salmon slaloming, a kingfisher fishing, a beaver beavering and a flying fish flying. They followed the fish to the clubhouse.

Norrie is here too. She has had a very similar day to Duggee but while helping her dad with the ironing she missed Squirrel Club.

Close and Credits

The parents and grandparents all enjoy some cereal while Duggee gives the Squirrels their Day Off Badges.

The flying fish narrowly avoids Duggee’s head.


  • Duggee wears a star onesie for bed.
  • Duggee’s leisurewear is a red Squirrel Club sweatshirt and grey sweat pants. Norrie has a similar outfit in her montage.

Get Your Day Off Badge

What’s your favourite thing to do you do on your day off?

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