3.36 The Diplomacy Badge

Badge Design

Rectangle with four diplomatic

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty in her rocket.


Betty and Sergeant Ant are shouting.


  • Betty complains that Tag is playing the wrong notes on the piano.
  • Sergeant Ant shouts at his troops to wade through mud.
  • Betty reminds Norrie to change gear then complains when she does it wrong.
  • Sergeant Ant complains his troops are going too slow.
  • Betty shouts for Happy to stop wasting water.
  • Sergeant Ant shouts at his troops some more.
  • Roly is having trouble with the shape game and Betty shouts that he is getting it wrong.
  • Sergeant Ant complains more about his exhausted troops.

Betty and Sergeant Ant meet up and console one another. They don’t understand why people don’t just do what they say when they shout. They are just trying to help.

The rest of the Squirrel Club and the Ant Army catch up with the pair. Everyone starts arguing so Duggee suggests they have some lessons in diplomacy. Diplomacy is how to tell someone something in a sensitive way. Duggee can help, he has his Diplomacy Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.36 The Diplomacy Badge


Duggee has set up some role-playing for everyone to practise diplomacy. First, Duggee dresses up as Alan. Alan has arrived late at Sergeant Ant’s house. Sergeant Ant reacts badly and demands that Alan does some press-ups. Tag has a go at the same role-play. Instead of shouting at Alan, Tag asks if everything is ok and helps Alan with his problem. Sergeant Ant does not approve.

For the next role-play, Norrie is playing Letitia who has a ball and Roly is playing Ace who wants to play. Ace demands to play with the ball and Letitia says no but when he asks more diplomatically she says yes. Sergeant Ant still does not approve.

It’s Betty’s turn. Happy is dressed as Fabrizio, a diner in a cafe. Betty is Lucy, the waitress, who is bringing the customer a delicious meal. However, Fabrizio does not like cucumber. Betty initially reacts angrily but then tries again, eating the cucumber and politely returning the plate.

Duggee then takes Betty through several more case studies:

  • Instead of shouting at Tag for getting it wrong Betty tries positive reinforcement. She compliments his playing then suggests where he could improve.
  • For Norrie she suggests a lower gear.
  • She reminds Happy not to waste water.
  • She then helps Roly get the pegs in the correct holes.

Sergeant Ant wonders if diplomacy might work for him too. He politely asks the troops if they would like to take part in some light manoeuvres and compliments them on their posture. They all hop off happily.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Diplomacy Badge.

Sergeant Ant encourages the troops as they carry Duggee.


Duggee and the Squirrels have some fantastic retro outfits for role playing.

Get Your Diplomacy Badge

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