The Election Badge

3.26 The Election Badge

The Election Badge was first broadcast out of order to coincide with the UK election in 2019. At the time the UK was experiencing extreme election fatigue and I’m sure we were all wishing it could be over in the space a day like the election in this episode.

Badge Design

A rosette with an election box on it.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Betty in her cardboard rocket.


The Squirrels are jumping around with excitement.


It’s the day of the summer fayre. There’s a bouncy castle, games, cake and music. Just then the doorbell rings. It’s Eugene, the organiser of the fayre. He’s throwing in the towel, it’s too much. They will have to call a woodland committee meeting to chose someone new to organise the fayre.

The animals gather for the meeting. Duggee chairs the committee and gives Eugene the floor. He announces he is stepping down and Lord Fingal immediately puts his name forward as a replacement. He has lots of experience running his castle. Buggee also throws her name in. She has lots of ideas about how to have fun. Norrie is attracted by the Buggee’s fun policy. Lord Fingal counters that the role is more about organisation. This appeals to Betty. Buggee gives an inspiring speech about how the little people need their voices heard which catches Tag’s enthusiasm. Lord Fingal’s response is that it is about the big picture. Roly thinks he’s funny. Buggee claims her fayre will have one million things to do and Lord Fingal points out she doesn’t have the paperwork.

There’s only one thing to do, have an election. The woodland animals are noticeably deflated by this prospect but the Squirrels don’t know what an election is. Duggee can explain, he has his election badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.26 The Election Badge


It’s how people make big decisions like who will be in charge of the summer fayre. Everyone has a vote and they can vote for either Lord Fingal or Buggee. The committee divides into two factions, who head off to get voters. All except for Duggee, Happy and Eugene.

Lord Fingal promises Wooooo, King Tiger, Worm and the ants a sturdy rainproof marquee, bagpipes and raspberry tarts.

Buggee promises Ethel, Chicken, Mrs Beaver, Naughty Monkey and Hedgeley a big parade, brilliant weather, J-Pop and blueberry muffins.

Duggee has set up an election studio to add some drama to proceedings. The complicated digital effects may or may not tell us what’s going on. King Tiger is impressed with Lord Fingal’s pedigree. The rabbits think Buggee is cool. Mr and Mr Crab are on opposite sides.

The penguins report to Lord Fingal that the statistics look good and they head out in the election car to drum up more support. The Penguins advise against the chauffeur driven car and instead they cycle on Roly’s tandem. Meanwhile, on Buggee’s election bus they are having fun.

Back in the studio, Tino’s election analysis says that at this point the candidates need to broaden their appeal. Lord Fingal needs to show he can be fun and Buggee needs to show she can be organised. On the campaign trail they are doing just that.

Duggee explains how the election works. Just put an X next to the candidate you wish to vote for and put it in the box. Duggee counts up the votes and announces that they have 28 votes apiece.

Following the shock result they team up and rope Duggee in too for the best fayre ever. It has:

  • A bouncy castle. Happy bounces with Frog, Chicken and a bird.
  • A lucky dip. Tag pulls Roly out of the barrel.
  • Games. Norrie throws a hoop onto Ethel’s trunk.
  • Cakes. Roly has two.
  • Music. Betty is on the stage as Lord Fingal and Buggee launch into some bagpipe J-pop.

The summer fayre is a success.


  • Official Duggee stamp.
  • Duggee election box.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their election badges.

Buggee dances as Lord Fingal plays the bagpipes.

Style Change

The section in the TV studio is a contrast to the rest of the woodland setting. It is an accurate representation of the hype that UK TV tries to create on election night. The graphics are good too.


Duggee’s TV outfit is a grey suit, rainbow tie and red glasses.

Get Your Election Badge

Skip the election and work together to put on a fayre.

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