The Favourite Badge

The Favourite Badge is unusual because there is no narrator. Instead, the Squirrels narrate themselves like hard-hitting journalists. The lower thirds for each character contain some good jokes for watching grown-ups.

Badge Design

Heart shaped with another heart in the middle.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy blowing bubbles in a glass of water.


The episode starts with TV static.


Norrie appears on a black background with a lower third that announces her as a Squirrel Club member. She introduces their documentary. They have lots of fun at Squirrel club:

  • The swing in the tyre swing.
  • Make things with play dough (Betty makes Power Puppy, Norrie makes a butterfly, Happy makes a whale, Tag makes a dinosaur and Roly makes a mess).
  • Duggee launches a rocket as the Squirrels watch with their goggles on.
  • Duggee puts on a puppet show with Tino and Eugene puppets.

Happy gives his piece to camera. His cousin Eric is too old for Squirrel club. Roly tells the camera how Squirrel club makes him feel. It cuts away to Roly running around and shouting. He says Squirrel Club makes him feel calm. Tag tells the camera about all the things they have at Squirrel Club:

  • The dressing up box.
  • The trampoline.
  • The plasters.

Betty introduces Duggee who is knitting today. Duggee tells them that knitting was one of his favourite things. The Squirrels aren’t sure what a favourite is but luckily Duggee has his Favourite Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.29 The Favourite Badge


Duggee is good at explaining things so he tells them about favourites. The Squirrels can’t decide what their favourite thing is so Duggee suggests that they ask others about their favourites. The documentary the Squirrels are making was born.

The Squirrels get their film gear on and proceed to interview their friends:

  • Percy De Lautour (Hippy Rabbit) – Rabbit’s favourite thing is peace. Tag sneezes as he offers to powder his nose and Betty was expecting hi to say carrots.
  • Mr John the Crab and Mr Nigel the Crab (Crustaceans) – Mr Crab’s favourite thing is Nigel.
  • Ladybird (BSc, MSc, PhD, FIMechE) – Ladybird struggles to think of his favourite thing.
  • Sergeant Ant (1st Battalion Apple Core Regiment) – A clear order and rapid response. The regiment marches past.
  • Naughty Monkey (Antique Dealer) – Naughty Monkey shows the camera a pile of bananas.
  • Angry Bull (Locum Primary School Teacher) – Angry bull shouts so loud he sends feedback down Happy’s headphones. His favourite thing is mid-nineties ambient music.
  • Hennie (Fitness Guru) – Hennie’s favourite things is Yoga. The Squirrels ask if she is stuck. She denies it at first but then admits that she is.
  • Tino (Artistic Genius (*His Words)) – Tino’s favourite thing is beauty. He is standing in an art gallery.
  • Enid the Cat (Felis Domesticus) – Enid plays with a ball of wool.
  • Chickens (Squirrel Club Associates) – The chickens switch on the TV to their favourite soap Agony and Eggstacy.
  • Eugene (Former Child Star) – Eugene loves showbusiness. The boon hits him on the head making him dizzy but the show must go on.
  • The Old Deers (Neighbourhood Watch) – They like complaining but it’s not what it used to be.

Lady bird still ca’t decide so he gives his top 10:

  1. Quick thinking.
  2. Lists.
  3. Dots.
  4. The colour red.
  5. His own voice.
  6. Quantum mechanics.

The Squirrels are excited to learn that they can have more than one favourite and put together their own top ten.

  1. Happy with Water.
  2. Roly with potatoes.
  3. Norrie with dancing.
  4. Tag with laughter.
  5. Betty with knowing stuff.
  6. Happy with talking.
  7. Roly with birds.
  8. Norrie with playing.
  9. Tag with Squirrel Club.
  10. The Squirrels with a Duggee Hug.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Favourite Badge.

Duggee has a new jumper with the Squirrels faces on.


Duggee wears his lab coat in one flashback and in another he has a paramedics uniform on.

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