The Game Show Badge

3.27 The Game Show Badge

The Game Show Badge is a series of references to classic game shows.

Badge Design

A circle wheel of fortune.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly digging.


The Squirrels are playing board games and Betty is winning again.


The Squirrels have played all their games so they ask Duggee what they can play next. Duggee suggests:

  • Who’s You? (Guess Who?)
  • Mining For Gold
  • The Taxman Cometh (Monopoly)

Duggee’s final suggestion is Duggee’s Woofity Woof Game Show. Duggee has his Game Show Badge.


Duggee sets up a game show for them. He introduces the teams in a glitzy Family Fortunes style studio. The teams are introduced. On the left are the Squirrels. On the right are the reigning champions, the Acornheads. Their team is made up of King Tiger, Rabbit, Buggee, Mrs Weaver and Mr Nigel the Crab. The resident brain is Ladybug.

The first round is a a quick fire round with classic University Challenge zooms when someone buzzes. Duggee asks the questions. Buggee answers the first question, then Rabbit, then Tag, Nigel, Norrie, Roly. Betty answers a question but gets it wrong. Mrs Weaver gets the final question correct. The Acornheads are in the lead, 4 points to 3.

Round 2 is Who’s House is this Mouse? in a parody of Through the Keyhole. Lloyd Grossman Mouse shows the audience around the house of someone who has a lot of badges, a fridge full of sausages and bones and a uniform drip drying in the bathroom. Norrie buzzes in, she knows it is Duggee’s house. Enid chases Lloyd Grossman mouse. The scores are even.

The next round is straight out of The Generation Game. Ladybug introduces The Conveyor Belt of Confusion. The items pass by on the belt and some of the contestants recognise items. King Tiger sees his crown, Happy spots a watering can, Rabbits sees a carrot and Roly sees a potato. King Tiger buzzes in and calls his hat, Happy remembers the watering can, Norrie calls the teddy bear, Roly calls the potato, Mrs Weaver answers the feather, Rabbit remembers the carrot, Buggee shouts fork and Betty finally remembers the snow globe. The scores are 9 points to 7 to the Acornheads.

The next round is Who Wants to be a Winner? King Tiger steps into the chair with his toucan by his side. Ladybug asks multiple-choice questions and the Toucan whispers the right answer in a recreation of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? scandal. Betty calls out the cheating and the toucan is banished but King Tiger uses his Buzz a Buddy to phone him anyway.

The Acornheads are ahead twelve points to seven and the Squirrels need a perfect round. Betty volunteers but Roly is already in the mastermind chair. He answers every question correctly with “potato”. Roly’s points bring the scores level and they go to the tie-breaker round.

They must guess the mystery object. The object is a silhouette on a pedestal. Buggee buzzes in and guesses it is a potato. Roly knows that’s not right and buzzes in with the correct answer. It is a bobble-headed wavy bug.

The Squirrels are the winners and can choose a prize. They are offered a selection of appliances or their Game Show Badge

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Game Show Badges.

The bobble-headed wavy bug dances on the quiz master’s desk.


Duggee wears a sparkly blue jacket and orange trousers.

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