The Get Indoors Badge

3.5 The Get Indoors Badge

If anyone reading this is from outside of the UK I can confirm the The Get Indoors Badge does give a true representation of the British weather.

Badge Design

House shaped with animal faces peering out of the windows.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Norrie surrounded by woodland animals cuddling a rabbit and a squirrel.


The Squirrels are playing outside on the climbing frame.


It’s hot outside so the Squirrels ask Duggee if they can play in the paddling pool. Duggee suggests they check the barometer first. He explains to the Squirrels that the barometer will tell them what the weather is going to be.

  • Last winter it was raining hard. The cow was wearing a raincoat and the chickens all had umbrellas. Nobody expected the sudden heatwave but Duggee went outside in his pink summer shirt, shorts and sunglasses in time for the sun to come out.
  • Two days later the chickens are eating ice creams when Duggee appears in his winter coat and with his skis ready. There is a sudden snowstorm.
  • Last week Duggee prepared for a surprise hale storm by wearing a suit of armour to get the washing in.

They look at the barometer to find out today’s weather but the needle on the barometer keeps spinning before settling on all the weathers. They are already indoors but when the Squirrels look outside they see all the animals. Luckily, Duggee has his Get Indoors Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.5 The Get Indoors Badge


The Squirrels run around outside to tell the animals to get indoors:

  • Roly tells Naughty Monkey but he runs away.
  • Tag tells Slug.
  • Betty tells the chickens but they are reluctant.
  • Happy marches the Ants inside.
  • Duggee counts the sheep in, falling asleep.
  • Betty pulls the TV inside and the chickens follow.
  • Happy, Norrie and Tag ride the hoofed animals indoors.
  • Betty drives a remote control bus for the bugs.
  • Norrie makes fondue to tempt the mice.
  • Happy and Worm tell the rabbits.
  • The animals begin to stampede inside.
  • Roly chases Naughty Monkey in.
  • Duggee carries Enid in last.

The clubhouse is bursting and a house party erupts. The cows form a barbershop quartet while Naughty Monkey plays the piano and the ducklings ride on a toy train. The rabbits join in with their instruments and Happy starts beatboxing. Hippo is breakdancing. Roly makes fruit punch with Hyena and Worm pops out of an apple to ask for some. The bugs are having a house party of their own in the dolls house. The party is jumping. The mice jump into the fondue. Eugine turns up with pizzas. Slug slides over Duggee’s head. Cow jumps, breaking the crockery. Duggee begins to worry things are getting out of hand as he chases the mice with the fondu pot, Tag riding Zebra, the animals jumping, breaking furniture, Hyena. Things turn around and the bull chases him.

Then they notice that the sun is still shining. There is a sudden crash and the party pauses as they all look out the window. Snow starts to fall, followed by another crash of thunder. There’s rain, then wind. The barometer was right. They spot Hennie doing her washing. The powder causes snow, the scrubbing causes thunder, the rinsing makes rain and the drying makes wind. She has her washing strung up between two mountains.

Hennie spots everyone inside and suggest they come out to enjoy the lovely weather.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Get Indooors Badges.

Hennie drops a wet sock on Duggee’s head.

Supporting Cast

  • Hennie

Get Your Get Indoors Badge

Think about different types of weather. When might you want to get indoors and when might it be nice to play outside.

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