The Mixtape Badge

3.22 The Mixtape Badge

In The Mixtape Badge Roly does exactly the thing my children would do if they found a cassette tape, he pokes it.

Badge Design

A rectangle cassette tape.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly hiding in a bush.


The Squirrels are not playing with the toys.


Duggee and the Squirrels are in the loft looking through boxes. The Squirrels are not very impressed with the stuff they are finding. Tag pulls out a crown, Happy finds a Fabergé egg and Betty finds the Holy Grail.

Roly finds something he doesn’t recognise. It’s a cassette tape. He pokes it to make it play music but nothing happens. Duggee pulls out a cassette player and pops it in. It’s an old mixtape. This one is of Duggee’s experimental music phase. We have a flash through Duggee’s musical history. Happy points out that his music is not very happy. Duggee made it to remember the times when he was a serious musician.

The Squirrels want to make a new tape, a happy one. Duggee can help, he has his Mixtape Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.22 The Mixtape Badge


Duggee explains that all you need is a cassette tape, a stereo and music. Duggee has a stack of musical instruments and records. He pulls out a record, puts it on and shows the Squirrels how to record a mixtape. They carefully put together a special mixtape, dancing as they go. Duggee dusts the attic. Finally, they design a cover for the cassette tape.

The Squirrels give the mixtape to Duggee. They have each chosen the a track that reminds them of something special:

  1. Happy’s song reminds him of when they got their Sprinkler Badge. Duggee set up a sprinkler and they made puddles everywhere. The animals are sent into the air as fountains of water spring up and water jumps across the umbrellas.
  2. Tag’s song reminds him of when they got their Digging Badge. They dug for so long that they ended up in a strange land and it took ages to get home.
  3. Norrie’s song reminds her of when they got their Go-Karting Badge. They raced around a Mario Kart style track, spinning on bananas and nearly hitting a tortoise.
  4. Betty’s song reminds her of when they got their Gravity Badge. They all floated up into the air until Naughty Monkey hit the red button and they dropped back down to the sofa.
  5. Roly’s song reminds him of the Chimney Sweep Badge. When they danced around the rooftops in a Mary Poppins style.


  • A Duggee cassette.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Mixtape Badge.

The final track is a mixtape of Duggee hugs:

Naughty Monkey presses the red button again and they all rise into the air.


There are a lot of outfit changes in this episode, not least at the end with the mixtape of Duggee hugs (which I am not going to list!).

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