The Mystery Badge

3.21 The Mystery Badge

Poirot would be proud of the Squirrels solving skills in the Mystery Badge.

Badge Design

A magnifying glass shape with a question mark.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly is in a bush hiding from a bird.


Duggee and the Squirrels are walking to King Tiger’s Black and White Gala.


The ring the doorbell tot he palace and King Tiger welcomes them. Unfortunately, he has a cold. Norrie admires his party crown. It has a ravishing red ruby and built-in sparklers. The Squirrels are disappointed with the grown-up party inside. Luckily Duggee has 5 tips to ensure a wonderful time.

  1. Find a friendly group. Norrie joins a group of mice but they a rude and runs off.
  2. Compliment someone on their outfit. Roly compliments Chew Chew on her coat but she just hides away.
  3. Talk about your interests. A rabbit talks to Tag about carrot karma. Tag spots Nigel Crab hiding behind a curtain.
  4. Talk about the food. Tino talks at Betty about the blueberry juice. He seems agitated.
  5. Tell witty anecdotes. Happy starts to tell the cook about the time Eric got a strawberry stuck somewhere but the cook runs off before we find out where.

The Squirrels gather together, somewhat confused. Suddenly King Tiger cries out that his ruby has disappeared. It is declared a mystery, something that is hard to solve. Fortunately, Duggee has his Mystery Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.21 The Mystery Badge


The Squirrels investigate. Norrie notices crumbs under the table. Duggee notes that someone has crushed Lord Fingal’s scotch bonnet. Tag finds Nigel still behind the curtain but when Mr Crab passes by he hides again. Betty sees Tino drinking more juice and Roly spots something odd about Chew Chew’s outfit. Happy spies on the cook looking guilty. Eugine attempts to play the piano but it is broken. The Squirrels all find a giant hole in the jelly and it becomes clear.

Everyone gathers in the parlour to solve the mystery. At first, the Squirrels were suspicious of Chew Chew. Why was she wearing a heavy coat to a party but she was simply hiding her lack of party etiquette. Next, they turned their attention to Nigel Crab who was clearly hiding. Mr and Mr Crab were having a game of hide and seek. The mice were also acting suspiciously because they were after cheese. They grab a block and make a run for it when King Tiger points out that it is a free buffet. The Squirrel’s next suspect is Tino but they realise he was drinking the spicy aubergine dip instead of the blueberry juice, making him sweaty. Finally, they turn their attentions to Chef Toucan. His only crime was failing to add the strawberries to the trifle.

King Tiger sneezes again and the Squirrels declare this is the crucial clue. A sneeze made the ruby come loose. It then flew across the room breaking the piano, making a hoe in the jelly, squashing Lord Fingal’s bonnet and landing on the trifle. King Tiger declares trifle for everyone.


  • Duggee under a magnifying glass.
  • Duggee bell.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Mystery Badges.

King Tiger sneezes again, setting off his sparklers.


Duggee and the Squirrels are dressed up for King Tiger’s black and white party.

  • Duggee is wearing a snazzy white dinner suit.
  • Norrie is in black tie.
  • Roly is rocking a black t-shirt and a black hat.
  • Happy has a zebra costume on.
  • Betty has black trousers and a bowler hat.
  • Tag is wearing a black and white stripey happiness and white ear covers.

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