3.40 The Mythical Creature Badge

The mythical creature designs in this episode are very clever, especially those which would normally be part human.

Badge Design

Octagonal with a cyclops creature with fangs, wings and a horn in the centre.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy cleaning his teeth.


The Squirrels are running around outside.


Tag leans on a tree to rest and accidentally presses a button that opens a door in the tree. Inside he finds a dusty book. The Squirrels are intrigued, but the book won’t open, so they take it to Duggee, who is making tea. Duggee can’t remember why the book is in the tree, but he does know that you can open the book if you have your Mythical Creature Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.40 The Mythical Creature Badge.


Duggee places his badge onto the book’s cover, and with a whirring of cogs, it opens. Mythical creatures are amazing animals with special powers. Creatures such as:

  • The dragon, who can breathe fire.
  • Medusa who turns anyone who looks at her into stone (Duggee turns to stone but he shakes it off).
  • The centeur who has hooves and hands.
  • The mermaid, a creature of sea and land.
  • The unicorn, the most beautiful mythical creature.
  • The werewolf, who loves the moon.
  • The sphynx whio is part cat.
  • The griffin.
  • Gnomes.
  • Trolls.

There is nothing on the next page, so Betty suggests they make up their own mythical creature. Tag suggests a dog, and Duggee appears on the page. The Squirrels change him into a dog-giraffe-fish-cow–bird-gerbil and then a potato.

Betty explains to Roly that it should be an animal, so Roly suggests an octopus, and Betty appears on the page. He then turns her into an octopus-whale. In retaliation, she turns him into a hippo-frog.

Tag wants to be a rhino-caterpillar. Happy turns himself into half Nessie – Happiness. Norrie turns herself into a Norse.

The book’s magic is turning them into these creatures in real life, but they don’t seem to notice. They want their creatures to have special powers, so they come up with new ones:

  • Norrie is a cat-bat that can dissapear.
  • Happy is a kangaroo-elephant so he can make puddles and jump in them.
  • Betty is a giant rabbit that makes rainbows.
  • Tag is a cheetah-eagle whi is super fast and never falls over.
  • Roly is a skunk-squid with stinky ink.

The Squirrels love it, and they combine to make one big creature. Duggee decides to close the book and not open it again for a long time. The Squirrels return to normal.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Mythical Creature Badges.

Duggee appears as a goat-dog.

Get Your Mythical Creatures Badge

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