The Radio Badge

3.11 The Radio Badge

The Radio Badge is a cool idea for a badge. Duggee makes a good parody of an ’80/’90s DJ without stepping into dangerous territory.

Badge Design

Rectangle with an old fashioned radio.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy blowing bubbles in is water.


Duggee is doing some topiary while the Squirrels play in the tree house with the marble run.


The marble rolls through an elaborate marble run onto the floor and under a mysterious door. The Squirrels peak in and find an interesting room. They call Duggee in for an explanation.

Duggee tells them that he used to have a radio station:

  • The chicken sang the jingles.
  • Duggee played music for is listeners.
  • He told jokes.
  • He chatted to listeners like King Tiger.
  • Read the news and the weather.
  • He had live guests like Tino and Eugine.

The Squirrels want to know why Duggee stopped. He replies sadly that it was because of Cheese Radio. While Duggee was on holiday a new radio station turned up. Duggee did not approve of their humour or the music but by the time he returned from his break it was all everyone was listening to. The primary word said on this station is “Cheese” and the music is a cover of The Stick Song called The Cheese Song.

Duggee is clearly still distressed by all this but the Squirrels know how to help, they can make their own radio show. Tag spots Duggee’s Radio Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.11 The Radio Badge


The Clubhouse had a radio mast on it all along. The Squirrels question Duggee on where to start then Roly presses a button at random and they are on air. As everyone’s radios burst into life they panic.

  • Tag heads straight for the jingle box, tripping and inadvertently coming up with the perfect jingle.
  • Betty gets the headphones on and takes the DJ chair.
  • They come up with a station name, Squirrel Radio.
  • Norrie puts on a record.
  • Tag is really getting into the jingles now.
  • Norrie reads the news. Enid enjoys her new cat food, Frog’s hiccups continue and Tino and Eugine premier their new show.
  • Happy reports the weather. He is disappointed to find it is sunny.
  • Roly answers the phone from a caller. It’s cheese radio, just calling to say they love the show.


  • Record with all of the Squirrels faces on.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Radio Badges.

Some excited otters pop up.

Supporting Cast

  • The Mice


  • Duggee’s DJ outfit includes a bright yellow t-shirt and glasses.
  • Duggee has also been on an exotic holiday as his holiday wear includes a straw hat and leis.
  • Duggee and Norrie both wear suits to read the news.
  • Happy has a fantastic weatherman’s jumper on.

Get Your Radio Badge

Listen to some children’s radio. What would you do on your radio show?

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