3.47 The Reunion Badge

Badge Design

Round with several old Squirrels surrounding the clubhouse.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag with some jelly.


The Squirrels are stacking blocks together.


Duggee is getting ready for a reunion. The first Squirrels he ever looked after are coming for a party. Duggee shows the Squirrels pictures of all the Squirrels that came before them, including a few familiar faces. Duggee tells them about the Squirrels that are coming today:

  • Mo – an energetic babboon who loved to count.
  • Nala – who was always up to something.
  • Berna – a magician who went by Burna the magnificent.
  • Pip – who always had questions.
  • Amma – who was a bit accident prone.

The old Squirrels arrive, and the young Squirrels are amazed they can drive themselves. Mo shakes Duggee’s hand. He has grown by 356%, still loves numbers and is an accountant now. Amma owns a repair shop to fix everything she was constantly breaking, and Pip is a reporter. Nala is in risk management.

The young Squirrels realise the old Squirrels sound like their parents. They worry they will turn into their parents too:

  • Tag thinks about his mum always saying she’ll do things in a minute (when she’s dusting, washing, and putting out fires).
  • Roly thinks about how his dad is always having to concentratewhen he’s trying to work (he’s an architecht).
  • Happy wonders if he will relly like tea like his mum.
  • Betty thinks she might really look forward to sitting down like her dad.
  • Norrie worries she might dance like her dad.

The Squirrels get even more worried when the old Squirrels start to talk to them. Duggee can help, he has his Reunion Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.47 The Reunion Badge


They play a few grown-up party games, which don’t impress the Squirrels. Then the old Squirrels start to show off their skills:

  • Amma is impressive with a basketball.
  • Pip still has his skipping badge.
  • Mo can stack blocks 20 high.
  • Berna shows of her magician tricks.
  • The young Squirrels join in the skipping.
  • They all have a drink. The grown-ups enjoy some tea.
  • They have a tug-of-war.
  • Nala still enjoys swinging with Roly.
  • All the Squirrels are good at dancing.

Close and Credits

All the Squirrels have earned their Reunion Badges.

Duggee has a dance.

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