The Round Up Badge

The Round Up Badge is distinctive for creating an idealised atmosphere of the American West.

Badge Design

A sheriff’s badge, five pointed star shape with an acorn.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Norrie watering her venus flytrap.


The Squirrels are playing with toy farm animals.


The Squirrels have been learning about animal noises. They each squeeze their toy in turn and it makes a noise. When it is Roly’s turn a cow moos without him squeezing his toy. It turns out that a whole herd of cows has arrived followed by Duggee’s friend Rodeo Horse. They do an elaborate cowhand handshake. They haven’t seen each other since Duggee got a snake in his boot, won a bucking bronco contest and got pulled along when he lassoed a cow.

The cows have a lot to say so Tag speaks to one of them in moo. Her name is Juanita. Tag introduces himself and the other Squirrels. Roly joins the conversation with a shouted moo which offends the herd and causes them to stampede.

Duggee and Rodeo are still reminiscing when the Squirrels find them. They can round up the cows, Duggee has his Round Up Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.28 The Round Up Badge


Rodeo runs them through the things they’ll need to be a cow wrangler:

  • A hat
  • Boots
  • A good shirt
  • A horse

Duggee has all the equipment they need so they move out.

  1. The first thing a cowhand needs to do is look. Rodeo points out some hoof prints.
  2. Next, a cowhand has to listen. She puts her ear to the ground and listens for the herd.

They continue their journey across the swamp, through wind and into the desert. They are now all very thirsty so they stop for a drink at a cactus water cooler. The sun begins to set and they eventually stop to camp. Duggee plays the harmonica while Rodeo plays the guitar and they have a singsong around the campfire. As the song reaches a climax they hear a moo.

They have found the herd but Juanita is missing. The Squirrels have learned a lot of cow wrangling skills. Norrie uncovers her ears and remembers that a cowhand needs to listen. Betty puts her ear to the ground. Happy remembers that a cowhand needs to look. Roly spots hoof prints on the ground. They ride out to round Juanita up and soon find her grazing under a tree.


  • A snake in a boot.
  • Duggee sheriff’s badge.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Round Up Badges.

Tag’s mum arrives in a stagecoach. Roly’s dad is pumping a railroad handcar. Norrie’s dad rides a horse. Happy’s mum is driving a cart. Betty’s dad is driving a wagon. They are all wearing their own cow hand outfits.


Duggee and the Squirrels wear cow hand outfits and have home made horses.

  • Duggee wears a blue outfit and brown hat.
  • Tag has a white outfit and hat.
  • Roly has a brown outfit and hat.
  • Happy has a white outfit and brown hat.
  • Betty has a check shirt and brown hat.
  • Norrie has a white shirt and yellow hat with her ear tucked in.

Get Your Round Up Badge

Dress up as a cow and and hop on a broom. I have a post with ideas for crafts, games and baking to get your Round Up Badge or have a Wild West party.

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