The Sharing Badge

3.17 The Sharing Badge

Has anyone else noticed that Duggee often leaves out a major ingredient when cooking? The Sharing Badge is another culprit of this, following on from The Jam Badge. I know sugar is a dirty word in children’s television but it worries me that the pie is going to be sour. I’m also concerned that the pastry is going to be overworked.

Badge Design

A round colourful pie, like a Trivial Pursuit piece.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Norrie surrounded by woodland animals.


The Squirrels are bouncing. Norrie is on a Pogo stick. Betty and Roly are swinging a skipping rope for Happy. Tag is jumping on a mushroom.


Duggee is baking an apple pie and the Squirrels want to help. They need flour, butter and water. The combine the ingredients to make the pastry, line the dish, add the filling and put the lid on top. Then Duggee cuts off the excess pastry and they use it to decorate the pie with their own faces. They put the pie in the oven.

While they wait the Squirrels argue over which one of them will get to eat all of it. Duggee says they will have to share and points to his Sharing Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.17 The Sharing Badge


Sharing is when you take one thing and share it equally between everyone. Time for some examples:

  • One banana and one Naughty Monkey mean Naughty Monkey gets one banana. Naughty Monkey rides the giant banana.
  • One carrot and two rabbits mean the carrot needs to be divided into two equal pieces. The rabbits hug their carrot.
  • One sofa and three chickens mean the chickens need to share by taking one cushion each. Roly runs into the chicken house to explain this and Duggee appears on their TV.
  • Four birds with hiccups and one jug of water. They need four glasses to divide the water equally. The birds sing once more.
  • Five bees and one vase of flowers. There are five flowers in the vase so the bees can each visit one flower apiece. Captain bumble and her eager squadron speak to Betty over the radio.

The Squirrels have the hang of it just in time. They divide the pie into six equal pieces.


  • Duggee egg timer.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Sharing Badges.

Duggee joins the chickens on their sofa to watch their soap opera.

Style Change

The live-action pie is the best bit about this episode. Not least because it looks real, not like a cookery show, professionally made pie but like something I might cook up myself. Aside from the face decorations, I don’t have the right cutters for that.

Supporting Cast


Duggee and the Squirrels all wear their chef’s outfits.

Get Your Sharing Badge

Try making an apple pie and dividing it up equally.

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