3.39 The Soap Opera Badge

Badge Design

Rectangle with a TV playing the Chickens’ soap opera.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Norrie and the woodland animals.


The Squirrels are playing outside. Betty and Norrie are kicking a football, and the others are jumping.


The chickens are watching the season finale of their favourite soap opera, The Agony and Eggstacy. The characters are introduced:

  • Doctora Maria
  • Doctora Pedro
  • Enfermero Juan
  • Carlos
  • Enfermero Gloria

The Squirrels continue to play football outside the chicken house. The ball goes astray and knocks the chickens’ TV ariel. The TV switches off, to the chickens’ annoyance. Duggee can’t fix it, and he will have to order a new one. The chickens are angry. They will miss their soap opera.

The Squirrels don’t know what a soap opera is. A soap opera is a TV show that has been on for many years. A good one has:

  • Romance (two characters kiss)
  • Great characters (the cast wave at the camera)
  • Lots of drama (a character leaves another at the alter)

The Squirrels apologise to the chickens who leave in a huff. They come up with a plan to make their own soap opera, and Duggee can help because he has his Soap Opera Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.39 The Soap Opera Badge


Tag presses the chickens’ doorbell. He invites them to watch the soap opera on their giant TV and pushes their sofa outside. Duggee raises the curtain and introduces the cast:

  • Betty as Doctora Maria
  • Tag as Doctora Pedro
  • Happy as Enfermero Juan
  • Roly as Carlos
  • Norrie as Enfermero Gloria

The chickens are not impressed.

The show starts with a recap of the previous episode. Doctor Maria announces that she has to leave to take care of other eggs. This upsets Juan, who starts to cry, but Doctor Pedro is happy as it means he is now in charge. Happy (Juan) does not know how to react. The chickens have tuned out; one reads a magazine, another is on their phone, and one is asleep.

Happy has stage fright, so he thinks back to Duggee’s acting class. An actor must show real feelings. Happy does this by imaging water, which makes him happy then that there is no water, making him dramatically sad. Happy can channel this to react to Pedro.

Enfermero Gloria wheels in some eggs to be hatched, but Pedro announces that the hospital no longer hatches eggs. He begins to read from hospital legislation. The chickens have tuned out again because it is boring. Tag thinks back to Duggee’s acting class, where he learned to insert drama into a scene. Back on screen, Pedro announces that he is closing the hospital. The chickens are suddenly interested again.

Carlos takes the eggs away. It’s time for something unexpected, so Betty thinks back to Duggee’s acting class. Duggee throws a banana skin on the ground, and everyone thinks he will slip on it, but instead, Naughty Monkey throws a pie at him. Betty comes up with a surprise. She has Carlos wheel a new egg back into the hospital and hatches out of it as Maria. Maria is just in time to save the day, and Officer Carlos arrests Pedro. The chickens are shocked.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Soap Opera Badges.

Duggee has fixed the ariel, and the chickens watch their soap opera.


Duggee is dressed as an actor for acting class. The Squirrels dress up for the soap opera.

Get Your Soap Opera Badge

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