The Taste Badge

3.23 The Taste Badge

The Taste Badge is another good educational badge.

Badge Design

Oval with foods representing the five tastes, a strawberry, broccoli, a lemon, cheese and a fish.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag eating jelly.


The Squirrels are all playing with the building blocks.


Duggee is mixing up a smoothie in a blender. They all try it. Tag and Betty love it, Norrie is unsure and Happy and Roly do not like it. Duggee put in a few ingredients, but mostly anchovies. Happy declares they are discussing while Betty says they are delicious. They all have different tastes but that’s ok, Duggee has his Taste Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.23 The Taste Badge


Our tongues have taste buds on them. The buds can sense five different flavours:

  1. There’s sweet which is in ice cream, orange juice, chocolate and jam.
  2. Sour which is in vinegar, yoghurt, rhubarb and lemon.
  3. Salty which is in anchovies, bacon, nuts and salt.
  4. Bitter which is in grapefruit, broccoli, coffee and cabbage.
  5. Umami which is in mushrooms, steak, soy sauce and cheese.

The Squirrels mix up their own flavours into a smoothie. The kitchen is a mess and they each have their own drink. They taste each drink by sniffing it, taking a sip and swirling it around their mouths. They try each one and describe the flavours:

  • Happy – Betty describes Happy’s concoction as a puddle whispering to her. Tag likes it. It has a grape, blueberries and lots of water in it.
  • Roly – Norrie describes Roly’s drink as zingy like jumping beans. Tag likes it but Betty thinks it is too zingy. It has carrot, ginger and chocolate in it.
  • Norrie – Happy describes Norrie’s as sweet and fluffy like a cloud. It has bacon and banana in it. Happy says he doesn’t like bacon but he likes this drink and so does Tag.
  • Betty – Norrie, Happy and Roly don’t like it and surprisingly, neither does Tag. He describes it as bitter, sour and salty like being shouted at by an angry fish. It has seaweed, broccoli, bitter melon and mustard in it.
  • Tag – Roly likes it. It’s like a sweet rain on a hot, cheesy day. Everyone else likes it too. It has honey, biscuits and cream cheese in it.

All these drinks have given Tag wind so they call it quits.


  • Duggee smoothie.

Close and Credits

The Squirrel have earned their Taste Badges.

The caterpillar shouts “cabbage” again.


Duggee wears a chef’s outfit.

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