3.43 The Telling Time Badge

Badge Design

A circular clock set to 3 o’clock.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly and his windmill.


The Squirrels are playing with their teddy bears.


Mr John the Crab is at the door. He is distressed because it is his anniversary, and he wants to plan a surprise party for his husband, but Nigel is always home. He doesn’t know how to get the guests, the food and the band (Los Losterdors) into the house.

Nigel is a stickler for routine, which Mr the Crab takes the Squirrels through:

  • 12.00pm: He gets out of bed (late because he’s a writter) and performs his ablutions for exactly 21 minutes.
  • 12.21pm: He goes to the kitchen for a breakfast of barnacle muisle and protazoa milk.
  • 12.45pm: It’s time for what Nigel calls work.
  • 4.11pm: 15 minute run.
  • 4.24pm: Nigel despairs about the state of the nation with a newspaper.
  • 4.39pm: He calms himelf down by meditating. During this time the smallest sound disturbs him.
  • 5:00pm: Nigel prepares super
  • 6:00pm: John returns from work and they watch Antique Wonderbar. However, this is when they will all jump out and say surprise.

Sneaking into John and Nigel’s house will require precise planning. Duggee plans it like a heist using the blueprints of the house and kitchen condiments to represent Nigel and the Squirrels. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the Squirrels can’t tell the time. Luckily Duggee has his Telling Time Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.43 The Telling Time Badge.


Duggee and John explain how a clock works to tell you the hour and the minutes using numbers and hands. With that sorted, they crack on with the plan:

  • 12.15pm: While Nigel is in the bathroom, John lets Norrie and Tag into the house and they sneak down the hallway with the decorations.
  • 12.29pm: While Nigel is eating his breakfast loudly, Betty leads the noisey band into the living room.
  • 12.40pm: As Nigel sits down to work, Roly rings the doorbell in disguise with a parcel delivery. Meanwhile, Happy and Duggee sneak into the kitchen with the party food. Duggee falls through the kitchen window.
  • 4.03pm: While Nigel is running, Tag sneaks all the guests into the house and to the living room.
  • 4.39pm: Nigels starts his meditation so all the guests must remain silent. At this moment Duggee enters with a tray of food which causes Nigel to investigate. The guests successfully hide.
  • 5.30pm: While Nigel cooks, John gets everything into place.

Nigel enters the living room with a tray of drinks and snacks, and everyone jumps out to surprise him. John sings a touching song for him. sakl

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Telling Time Badges.

Los Losterdors play us out.

Get Your Telling Time Badge

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