The Topiary Badge

They play with the format again in the Topiary Badge. The first time you watch the episode it catches you off guard because it seems to end early.

Badge Design

A circular hedge with clippers.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Tag building a Duggee block puzzle.


The Squirrels are watching Enid play with a ball of wool.


Duggee is trimming a bush outside. He tells the Squirrels about topiary, the art of taming trees and bushes. Once, trees were wild, then the Romans started taming them with scissors and the French made it popular. Duggee can help the Squirrels learn topiary, he has his Topiary Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.30 The Topiary Badge


Duggee gives them all clippers and tells them how to be safe:

  1. Always hold them by their handles.
  2. Keep them closed when not using them.
  3. Hold them down by your side.
  4. Don’t run with them.
  5. Happy suggests wearing a helmet but that’s overkill.

If the Squirrels start slowly with small snips and go carefully, they can make ball like Duggee’s. The Squirrels get creative and as Duggee looks at the back of his bush with a hairdressing mirror:

  • Roly makes a square.
  • Happy makes an oval.
  • Tag makes a triangle.
  • Norrie makes a star.
  • Betty makes a octodecagon.

The Squirrels are naturals and get to work on some bigger projects:

  • Betty makes a peacock.
  • Norrie makes a teddy bear.
  • Happy makes a tap with running water.
  • Tag makes a working car.
  • Roly makes a potato.

The Squirrels have earned their Topiary Badges but Tag is nowhere to be seen. They track down his car to the edge of the forest. Duggee tries to follow him but is beaten back by the tangled mess. The Squirrels see an opportunity to practise some epic topiary and tame the wild woods:

  • Betty has created a whale.
  • Happy has made a rainbow.
  • Roly made a boat.
  • Norrie made a unicorn.

They have also made:

  • A birthday cake.
  • A dragon.
  • A carrot.
  • An ice cream.

The birds fly in to pull back a curtain of vines and flowers to reveal Tag, asleep on a topiary bed. Topiary is tiring.


  • Duggee bush.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Topiary Badges.

Duggee steps out from behind a topiary Duggee.


Duggee and the Squirrels wear denim dungarees for topiary.

Get Your Topiary Badge

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