3.46 The Training Badge

Badge Design

Round with a whistle.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Roly is digging a hole.


The Squirrels are listening to Duggee read from a clipboard.


The Squirrels must wait for Duggee’s signal, then stand in line in order of height. Duggee gives the sign, and the Squirrels run around, umping into one another, falling over, arguing over who is tallest and forgetting what they were meant to be doing.

A border collie arrives with his band of well-trained sheep. Dugee realises he must do some training with the Squirrels, who are:

  • Tag is tangled up in a ball of wool.
  • Betty is reading.
  • Norrie is on a pogo stick.
  • Roly is digging a hole.
  • Happy is watching a bee.

Duggee remembers being a puppy and how he was constantly getting distracted. He had to do a lot of training. He learned to:

  • Shake hands.
  • Roll over.
  • Jog on teh spot.
  • Jump through hoops.
  • Fetch a stick.
  • Do tricks on a skateboard.

Now he has his Training Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.46 The Training Badge.


Duggee explains the three stages of training:

  1. Litening
  2. Practice
  3. Reward

First, he asks the smallest Squirrel to come and stand by him. The Squirrels all start arguing over who is the smallest. Tag insists that it’s him. Happy says his mum says he is small but beautiful. Duggee steps in and tells them it is Roly.

Roly walks over to Duggee. He gets distracted by some fluff, the building blocks and a nap on the way. Duggee asks for the second tallest, but they start arguing again. Tag thinks it is him again, and Betty is wondering about shoes.

Duggee goes over to them, slowly backing away from Roly, who he gently commands to stay.

When he reaches the group of Squirrels, they have disappeared. Tag is in the ceiling, looking for a ruler. Happy is talking to a goldfish, Betty is on some stilts, and Norrie bounces on a trampoline.

Listening is not going well, so they move on to stage two, practice. Duggee draws some crosses on the floor and asks for the tallest to go the back. Roly jumps in to say that the shortest should go to the front. They were listening.

The Squirrels quickly measure themselves and work out who goes where. Then, as soon as Duggee blows his airhorn, they sprint to their places. Duggee starts to time them, and with practice and a training montage, they get quicker.

They have earned their reward, satisfaction in a job well done.

Close and Credits

They have also earned their Training Badge.

The sheep appear with the border collie chasing after them. They weren’t so well trained after all.

Get Your Training Badge

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