The Tree Badge

3.9 The Tree Badge

Trees are amazing but explaining to a pre-schooler why is a challenge. The Tree Badge does an incredible job with this subject.

Badge Design

Rectangle with a tree.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy brushing his teeth.


The Squirrels are running in circles around a tree.


Duggee brings out a tray of blueberry juice for the tired Squirrels. It’s a lovely spot for a rest. Duggee gets emotional just thinking about how full of life the tree is. The Squirrels are surprised, it is a tree, it’s not alive. Duggee can show them, he has his Tree Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.9 The Tree Badge


Duggee explains that the tree is moving because it is growing all the time. The Squirrels wander how it grows without eating? Duggee explains how it eats like the Squirrels drinking their blueberry juice, with a straw. The story starts with the roots. Below the ground is a whole community of bugs. The soil is full of nutrients and when it rains the water soaks into the ground and the roots can drink it like a straw.

The water is sucked up into the trunk. The trunk doesn’t feel wet because it is protected by bark. The bark is the wood on the outside that the tree wears like armour. There are also many bugs living on the tree. Many animals make the tree their home including a woodpecker and squirrel. The squirrel is getting food from the tree. Trees provide lots of foods like nuts, berries, fruit and coconuts.

Trees are also covered in leaves. Leaves are important for catching the sunlight which helps the tree to grow. They also clean the air for us to breathe. They are also food for animals and shelter from rain and sun. Trees are home to spiders bats and birds. Some animals might stay in the same tree their whole lives. Each type of tree has a different leaf. Some trees lose their leaves in Autumn and grow them back in Spring. Leaves are amazing.

As the sun sets the tree becomes a safe haven for animals to rest. The Squirrels are sleepy now too.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their Tree Badges. They give the tree a hug.

Duggee falls asleep under the tree.

Get Your Tree Badge

Have a look at all the different trees in your garden or local park. Notice the different leaves, bark and shapes of the trees.

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