3.42 The What Happened Badge

Badge Design

Rectangle with speech bubbles explaining how an apple was eaten.

Episode Summary

Opening Squirrel

Happy blowing bubbles in a glass of water.


The Squirrels are running. They run into Duggee and many others and the screen pauses.


The Squirrels start to explain that they were running because of a bear, an astronaut and a book. Duggee can help explain what happened, he has his What Happened Badge.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee Episode 3.42 The What Happened Badge


When telling a story it helps to start from the beginning so Squirrels go back to when they were talking to Ladybird. Ladybird points them to the location of a spaceman. They were talking to Ladybird because they were looking for Duggee’s book. However, the story still doesn’t make sense, they need to go further back.

Tag rewinds all the way back to when he was a baby. This is perhaps a little too far.

They start earlier that day when they were playing at the clubhouse. Norrie is playing with the till. Betty is building with the blocks, Roly has the spinning top, Tag is playing with a fire engine and Happy is flying an aeroplane.

Duggee was giving King Tiger a box of old things for his Sovereign Summer Sale. He wants to raise money for a new crown. Happy starts to tell everyone about the time he went to a sale with his cousin Eric. Eric found a spork. This is not relevant to this story, so they get back to the point.

Duggee is planning to do something from the Squirrel handbook but he can’t find it. They realise it must be in the box that Duggee gave to King Tiger. They chase after him and find the book but they have missed out on part of the story so they rewind again.

They go back to when they arrived at King Tiger’s Palace. The summer sale is in full swing and King Tiger is showing a bear into a wardrobe. The Squirrels ask him for the book but he has given it to Woo who is in charge of the summer sale library.

Betty describes the library as containing gazillions of books as far as the eye can see. By exaggerating she is making it hard for people to tell what actually happened, so she describes the actual scene. Woo had one table of books.

Woo has already sold the book to a spaceman so the Squirrels ask around to find them. The Bull at the china stall hasn’t seen them, the rabbits at the cake stall hadn’t seen them but Ladybird had. Ladybird also had lots of other things to tell them but they skip over that part of the story.

The Old Deers at the sports stall point them towards the Spaceman with a macchiato. It turns out to be Eugine who bought the spacesuit for his new musical. Eugine bought the book to give to the Squirrel Club. That’s how they got the book back.

However, that doesn’t explain why they were all flying through the air at the beginning of the story. What happened was:

  • The bear burst out of the wardrobeand knocked the fishbowl out of King Tiger’s hands.
  • Duggee caught it but stood on a skateboard.
  • He fell backwards through the bunting.
  • Then he flies backwards through the sale, dragging all the goods with him.
  • He untangles himself just before he reaches the cake stall.
  • Unfortunately, he bounces off the bull and through the cakes.
  • Now covered in cake, he smashes into the assembled crowd and sale good sending everything into the aiir.

Close and Credits

The Squirrels have earned their What Happened Badges.

The bear pops out of the cupboard again.

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