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While The Egg Badge is not exactly about Easter this is a fantastic badge to do at this time of year. The Squirrels do, after all, go on an egg hunt. There are many egg crafts you can do to get your egg badge as well as ways to eat eggs. 

Here is a checklist of ideas to get your Egg Badge:

Egg Hunt

Hey Duggee – The Egg Badge Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are always a lot of fun and they don’t have to involve a crazy amount of chocolate (although that is an option). This year circumstances meant that the children only had one chocolate egg apiece. To make it fun we came up with a simple idea. I cut some egg shapes out of paper and wrote letters from their names on them. I then hid them outside and they worked together to find them and make their names. This was an ideal learning activity for the age and abilities of my two children. My two-year-old can recognise letters and spell her own name and my five-year-old is learning to read and write. 

There are many more ideas for Easter Egg hunts online including lots of ideas for alternative prizes to chocolate eggs. My favourites are:

  • Toys, clues and puzzle pieces inside plastic eggs. Make sure to collect up all your eggs and re-use them next year.
  • Hang eggs in trees.
  • Do a scavenger hunt.
  • Set up a treasure hunt with clues (there are plenty of printables available online).

Here are some more ideas from fellow bloggers:

Egg Craft

Decorating eggs is a classic Easter activity. This year we decorated goose eggs and hard-boiled chicken eggs with felt tips and paint pens. The kids loved this activity and only stopped because we ran out of eggs. Here are some more ideas for how to decorate your eggs:

If you are feeling ambitious then Penguin Books has a tutorial for painting an egg to look like Duggee.

There are lots of other fun egg crafts aside from painting eggs. Simply colouring in egg shapes is a perfect way to get creative. Here are some of my favourites:

Ways to Eat Eggs

Hey Duggee – The Egg Badge Eating Eggs

I am not a big fan of eggs myself but the children will sometimes eat them and they are fond of Quorn picnic eggs. We decided to experiment with different types of egg. We tried dippy eggs (soft-boiled) and scrambled egg which we put into tortillas. They were very excited about the scrambled egg in particular.

Here are some more inspiring ideas for eating eggs with kids:

Egg Facts

Eggs are fascinating. Here are some interesting egg facts:

More Resources and Activities

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If you did any of the activities I have suggested I would love to hear about them in the comments below.
If you have any other suggestions for activities then please also leave those in the comments. I will update posts to include all of my favourites. You can also leave links, although I may remove these.

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