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Christmas is a wonderful time of year with lots of family time spent baking and crafting. If I were to list every possible craft, game and recipe associated with this time of year, this would be an epic post. To make it possible to get your Christmas Badge and to make it a Hey Duggee Christmas, I will stick to the things that are most special to the Squirrels at this time of year. Here are the Squirrels favourite Christmas traditions from The Christmas Badge:

  • Happy’s family make each secret hats.
  • Betty loves crackers. Her granddad makes his own.
  • Tag loves Christmas songs. His gran plays the piano and they all sing.
  • Norrie loves Christmas food. Her dad makes a Christmas curry while she makes the gingerbread house with her siblings.
  • In Roly’s house they play find the potato.

Make Secret Hats

For Happy, Christmas is about making hats for his family. The Hey Duggee Website has some templates so that you can print and make your own. Find them here.

Check out some more ideas for easy Christmas hat crafts on Pinterest.

Make and Pull Christmas Crackers

Making crackers with Betty.

For Betty, Christmas is about her family’s homemade Christmas Crackers. The Hey Duggee website has instructions and templates for making your own. Find them here.

Betty might also like to make these healthy Christmas cracker snacks from the Hey Duggee website. An alternative to the tortillas could be pancakes, although they are not as structural as tortillas. The fillings are entirely up to you. Find them here.

Sing this Christmas

Tag’s family love to sing at Christmas. For a Hey Duggee Christmas check out the Top of the Pups Christmas tunes on iPlayer or the Hey Duggee youtube channel. Sing along to some Christmas carols with the Squirrels here:

Gingerbread House

When do you have your Christmas curry? For us, the Christmas food schedule is Chinese on Christmas Eve, traditional lunch on Christmas Day and a curry or St Stephen’s pie on Boxing Day. As a veteran of many, I can confirm that making a gingerbread house is hard, and Norrie’s approach is distressingly accurate to life. The Hey Duggee website has a recipe and instructions for making your own gingerbread house. Find it here.

If this recipe seems too complicated then there are other options. This year we have:

  • Used a kit with pre-made gingerbread.
  • Made a house out of paper with a template.
  • Made the craft gingerbread hose below from Touucan Box. We like making things from Toucan Boxes because they come with everything you need and always look great. If you want to give Toucan Boxes a go please use my referral link.
Toucan Box Gingerbread House.

Find the Potato

Every family has some strange Christmas traditions and Roly’s family is no different. They like to play hide the potato. You don’t really need instructions for this game but just in case the Hey Duggee website has you covered with downloadable activity and colouring sheets. Find them here.

Find the Potato with Roly.

Once you have found your potato why not use it for this craft. Making your own gift wrap is satisfying and often more environmentally friendly than using shop-bought wrapping paper that cannot be recycled. The Hey Duggee website has instructions for making your own paw print paper. Find them here.

Christmas Crafts

Here are a few more Hey Duggee themed Christmas crafts:

You can find a set of festive colouring sheets here on the Hey Duggee website. There is also a dancing Christmas Duggee here on the Hey Duggee website and a Christmas card template here.

You could also check out some of these Christmas crafts:

Mud & Bloom Craft Kit

We have done lots of fun natural Christmas crafts with December’s Mud & Bloom box including these sweet-smelling oranges. I like these boxes because everything is natural, organic and biodegradable. They come with half a dozen different activities suitable for kids aged 4+. The boxes are a little pricey but you can cancel or take a break from your subscription any time (this is what I do). If you would like to try out a Mud & Bloom box please use my referral link.

Christmas Recipes

Mini Christmas cakes are a fantastic idea. A normal-sized Christmas cake is an essential part of the Christmas spread but it can be a bit intimidating, especially since most of our family don’t eat Christmas cake. Find them here.

Giggly has five ways to decorate biscuits this Christmas, and all in just 5 minutes. Let the kids decide if they want to make a snowman, Rudolph or Father Christmas. Find them here.

Thank You For Reading

If you did any of the activities I have suggested I would love to hear about them in the comments below.
If you have any other suggestions for activities then please also leave those in the comments. I will update posts to include all of my favourites. You can also leave links, although I may remove these.

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