7 Hey Duggee Badges for Autumn

The nights are drawing in, and there’s a chill in the air. It’s time to grab a blanket and a hot drink and embrace that autumnal feeling with these episodes of Hey Duggee. Just like real life, in Hey Duggee, the weather turns blustery, and the sky gets that fresh golden hue. Once Duggee and the Squirrels have you feeling lovely and autumnal, step outside and get your Autumn Badge.

The Leaf Badge

Autumn is the ideal time to get your leaf badge as the leaves fall from the trees. They can be a little too easy to collect if you are a hedgehog, like the star of this episode, Hedgely. 

This episode starts off bright and sunny as the Squirrels collect some of the leaves from Duggeee’s book. The Autumn vibes start halfway through when they step into the deep dark woods, and everything turns a little spooky. When Duggee and the Squirrels run away from the “monster”, they tumble out of the woods under an orange sky. Hedgely follows in a shower of fall leaves. 

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee 1.12 The Leaf Badge

Get your Leaf Badge by visiting your local park and collecting different leaves.

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The Acorn Badge

Leaves aren’t the only thing to fall from the trees in the Autumn months. Nuts like hazelnuts, horse-chestnuts (conkers) and beechnuts are all commonly found on the ground in woodlands at this time. This also includes acorns making this an excellent time to pick up your Acorn Badge. 

The Acorn Badge feels autumnal from the start. The Squirrels find fallen leaves and ask Duggee where they came from. They also enjoy the classic Autumn activity of playing in piles of leaves before they even find their first acorn. Duggee explains that acorns turn into oak trees over time and are also popular with animals at this time of year. Many animals will collect fallen acorns to see them through the winter.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee 1.24 The Acorn Badge

Get your Acorn Badge by collecting acorns and other nuts at your local park or woodland.

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The Spooky Badge

Autumn is also the time of year to get spooky, and there is no better badge for this than the Spooky Badge. The episode and Top of the Pups song have an eerie charm that wonderfully fits what this time of year means for kids.

The Spooky Badge sees the Squirrels unravel a spooky mystery by following a ghost around the world. The ghost injures Mr and Mr the Crab and walks through a wall before being revealed by Norrie. The character of this whole episode is October with the early sunset and purple sky.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee 2.27 The Spooky Badge.

Get your Spooky Badge this Halloween by dressing up. Find more ideas for crafts, recipes and activities to get your Spooky Badge here.

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The Kite Badge

Keep an eye on the weather forecast in Autumn because you might be surprised by a windy day. The type of day that is perfect for kite flying.

The Kite Badge is Autumn on a windy day with the blustery weather blowing freshly fallen leaves around and driving the Squirrels inside. The Squirrels soon learn to embrace the joys of breezy weather by making and flying kites. They also make a giant kite for Hennie.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee 2.8 The Kite Badge.

To get your Kite Badge, make or buy a simple kite and fly it on a windy day.

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The Scarecrow Badge

Autumn is the time of year when scarecrows pop up on freshly planted fields, and scarecrow festivals take place.

Duggee has planted some seeds in his vegetable patch, but the birds keep eating them. The Squirrels decide to make a scarecrow. Meanwhile, Roly becomes a living scarecrow. They make a terrifying scarecrow which works a little too well, so they also make a birdhouse.

Picture Credit: Hey DUggee 1.9 The Scarecrow Badge

Get your Scarecrow Badge by making a scarecrow or a birdhouse.

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The Stick Badge

The Stick Badge is probably the most iconic Hey Duggee Badge. It has a proper Autumnal quality with those ochre skies and everyone wrapped up against the cold. A bonfire is also a typical Autumn activity.

The Squirrels collect sticks for a bonfire with mixed success until Roly meets a living stick. They make friends and sing and dance until the end of the episode. The parents join Duggee, Stick and the Squirrels for toasted marshmallows on the bonfire.

Picture Credit: Hey Duggee 2.31 The Stick Badge.

The Stick Badge has the most online resources of any Hey Duggee badge. Click here for my round-up of ideas on how to get your Stick Badge

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The Looking After Badge

The Looking After Badge is unique in the world of Hey Duggee for covering a whole year and having four distinct seasons. I wanted to include it here because as well as the Fall sky and piles of leaves that we’ve seen before, Duggee also has a cosy jumper. 

In Autumn, the Squirrels are worried because Pippin, the plant, is losing its leaves. The letter from Phileas Frog and Flea explains that this is normal. Meanwhile, the travellers are exploring the jungle.

Picture Credit Hey Duggee 2.43 The Looking After Badge.

Get your Looking After Badge by finding out about how the seasons affect different plants.

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Get Your Autumn Badge

Once you’ve caught up with all the Autumn-themed badges, it’s time to get your badge. Here are some ideas for getting your Autumn Badge:

  • Collect Autumn leaves and sticks to create some natural art.
  • Get into Halloween by dressing up and making some Halloween crafts.
  • Try some Autumn recipes. Vegetable soups and pumpkin pie are favourites in our family this time of year.
  • Go on an Autumn walk. Enjoy the fresh, cool air and kick some piles of leaves.

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