Hey Duggee Series 1 – See All Duggee’s Outfits

From the very start, Hey Duggee’s characters love a costume change. While the real extravagant clothes mostly appear in the later series Duggee does have some interesting outfits throughout series 1.

All pictures are screenshots taken directly from the episodes.

The Drawing Badge

The first episode of Hey Duggee sees Duggee making two of his classic outfit changes, setting up Duggee’s character.

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Yellow Macintosh

Duggee and the Squirrels all dress up in yellow macs to play outside at the beginning of The Drawing Badge.

Yellow waterproof jackets first originated with Scottish fishermen and have remained associated with them since. The mac was developed by the chemist Sir Charles Macintosh later but the colour stuck due to its high visibility. The fisherman’s hat (or bucket hat) is designed to be good to wear in the rain.

Artist Smock and Beret

Duggee gets dressed up as an artist to draw along with the Squirrels.

The smock originated in the 18th century as outwear for rural workers. Painters adopted it as it was easy to clean. The beret is associated with French painters probably because it was a cheap traditional hat and painters were poor.

The Hair Badge

It is a little odd that Duggee’s hair wash takes part in a paddling pool but we are all glad that he is in swimwear and not just in the bath.

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The Hair Badge is the first introduction to Duggee’s classic swim shorts. He wears them in the paddling pool for his hair wash.

The Summer Holiday Badge

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Original Outerwear

Duggee and the Squirrels get dressed up warm to go outside in the snow.

Duggee’s original outerwear consists of a red-checked jacket with wool lining and matching gloves and hat. Duggee wears the coat again in later episodes but combines it with a different hat and scarf (see below).

The Super Squirrel Badge

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Super Duggee

Duggee and the Squirrels get dressed up as superheroes in the Super Squirrel Badge.

Duggee’ super Squirrel outfit is clearly meant as a homage to well-known DC superheroes with their capes and tight-fitting suits. The primary colours point to superman as the primary source although Duggee does avoid wearing his underpants over his trousers.

The Jam Badge

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Jam Apron

Duggee is prepared for cooking some hot liquid in the Jam Badge.

Duggee uses a denim apron for making jam. There is a good reason for this, boiling sugar is very hot and spits a lot. A denim apron gives more protection from the heat than a normal cotton apron would.

The Scarecrow Badge

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Farmer’s Dungarees

Duggee has his denim dungarees on for sowing seeds.

Denim dungarees or overalls were worn by farm workers as far back as the 1700s and the invention of denim. They are known for being both comfortable and durable so it is not a surprise to see Duggee sporting a pair whenever he works in his fields.

The denim dungarees make several appearances through series 1, often with the addition of wellies (see The Food Growing Badge below).

The Omelette Badge

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Fitness Leotard

Duggee, Hennie and the Squirrels get their fitness wear on for aerobics with the chickens.

Duggee’s fitness-wear of leotard, tights and legwarmers was most popular during the 1980s for aerobics. The colours used are reminiscent of Olivia Newton-John’s costume from the video for “Physical” in 1981.

The Food Growing Badge

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Farmer with Green Wellies

I could probably have lumped this entry in with the farmer outfit above but I thought the green wellingtons deserved an entry of their own. Until I noticed the difference between these two outfits, I hadn’t noticed that Duggee doesn’t usually wear shoes.

The green wellies are worn in most appearances for the farmer outfit from here on including The Caterpillar Badge in series 1. Duggee wears this outfit whenever he is working in the vegetable garden.

The Paddling Pool Badge

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Once the paddling pool is full, Duggee gets dressed up as a lifeguard to keep everyone safe.

Lifeguards are well-known for wearing bright colours so that they can easily be seen in the water. The uniform Duggee is sporting here looks a lot like the uniform worn by poolside lifeguards with a National Pool Lifeguard qualification.

The Castle Badge

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Traditional Scottish HIghland Dress

Duggee puts his Highland outfit on to dance with Lord Fingal at the end of the Castle Badge.

Duggee’s traditional Highland dress is the sort most usually worn as formalwear in modern times. The outfit includes a kilt, sporran, black jacket and bow tie.

The Sheep Badge

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Bow Peep

As Duggee counts the sheep back into the pen, he changes outfits and accessories a few times.

Duggee’s bow peep outfit is instantly recognisable as the character we all know from the nursery rhyme. It seems fitting that a nod to this well-known shepherdess should appear in the Sheep Badge. Duggee looks very nice in pink frills. This particular design is reminiscent of the character from Toy Story.

Lollypop Person

This outfit, which Duggee uses to guide the sheep back into the pen, is a good approximation of the crossing guard uniform worn in the UK. It includes a high visibility, all-weather coat and a lollypop stick.

The Snowman Badge

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Hat and Scarf

In both the Snowman Badge and the Tinsel Badge Duggeewears just a hat and scarf to go outside in the snow. The designers obviously realised he looked cold so for other episodes where it is snowing or they visit the mountains, he combines this with a coat (see below).

The Decorating Badge

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Decorator Overalls

Duggee and the Squirrels all wear decorators’ white overalls for decorating the clubhouse.

There isn’t much consensus as to why decorators wear whites. Most sources suggest that it is because it hides stains from most of the materials they use, such as plaster. Their clothing, therefore, continues to look clean when working in peoples’ homes. The other reason may be because they always have.

The Circus Badge

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Duggee is wearing a classic clown outfit in preparation for the circus.

He has the brightly-coloured clothes, a red nose and an enormous wig. The only thing he is missing is the facepaint. Duggee does remove the crazy wig when it confuses the Squirrels.

The Sandcastle Badge

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Swimwear with Hawaiian Shirt

For this trip to the beach, Duggee wears a Hawaiian shirt. Brightly coloured prints have been worn in Hawaii as formal wear since the 1920s.

The Football Badge

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Football Kit

Duggee is ready to play football in this football kit.

Duggee’s football kit is meant to be reminiscent of the English kit, although it is not an exact copy. He also has some bright yellow football boots.


Football (soccer) referees tend to wear block colour uniforms in either black or fluorescent colour. The stripey referee kit originated in American football in the 1920s.

This Duggee outfit appears briefly in a bridge. Blink and you will miss it.

The Puppet Show Badge

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Duggee looks smart in this song and dance suit which briefly appears in a bridge during the Puppet Show Badge.

The Tuxedo was first worn by the Prince of Wales in the 1860s and is named after Tuxedo Park in New York.

The Big Parade Badge

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Parade Leader

Duggee gets dressed up as a parade leader to head up the big parade.

Marching bands originated in the military which is why the uniforms have a military feel, even though most no longer have any connection. Marching bands form an integral part of many parades.

One Man Band

Duggee’s One Man Band appears briefly in a bridge during the Big Parade Badge. I would like to see Duggee in this get-up for a little longer in a future episode.

Paintings show people playing multiple instruments as far back as the 13th century.

The First Aid Badge

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Doctor Duggee pops up the ponder a cure in a bridge during the First Aid Badge. He makes another brief appearance in the Medicine Badge.

Doctors started wearing white coats n the late 1800s to distinguish themselves from fakes. The white coats also make them look clean and hygienic.

The Submarine Badge

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Duggee is well prepared for his day out on a submarine with his diver’s clothing. Duggee’s white undershirt, blue overshirt and red hat are similar to the clothes typically worn by famous diver, Jacques Cousteau.

The Sewing Badge

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Duggee hand-sewed this poncho to inspire the Squirrels to get their Sewing Badges.

The poncho is traditional cold-weather wear common to indigenous people in many parts of South America. It is usually a simple blanket with a hole in it for the head and it is made out of wool rather than sewn like Duggee’s.

Poncho with Patches

The Squirrels fix Duggee’s poncho when it gets damaged. I imagine there is a coloured patch for each of them, even though you cannot see all of them.

The Surprise Badge

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Combined Outerwear

We see Duggee wearing either his coat or his hat and scarf in various episodes during series 1. However, standing on top of a mountain while the wrapping paper flies past is the first time we see the combination of both.

The Teddy Bear Badge

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This outfit appears very briefly while Duggee plays some summery music for the teddy bear’s picnic. It’s a nice touch that his teddy bear is wearing the same outfit.

The Tinsel Badge

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Right at the end of the episode, Duggee runs out of the clubhouse dressed as Father Christmas.

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